15 Subtle Ideas To Incorporate A Sports Theme In Your Home

One of the most worldwide sensations that everyone seems to come together on is sports. Many either love it, hate it, or have absolutely no opinion on the matter. Then you have those who love to watch it but don't actually play a sport. Additionally, sports come in a wide variety, including football, basketball, tennis, and even cheerleading just to name a few.

Depending on the location, certain sports are more popular than others. According to Sports Browser, the most popular sport in America is football, specifically the NFL. However, Neo Prime Sports states that the most popular sport in Canada is ice hockey. Additionally, the most popular sports team in every location varies as well, but even more specifically as there are so many teams for each specified sport.

If you're one of those that love sports or are just now getting into it, you may be considering some decorations for your home. Perhaps you want to show off your favorite football team or cheerleading squad without it seeming too flashy. Not to worry, we got you covered! Here are some subtle ideas to decorate your home with a sports theme.

1. Personalized sports throw blanket

A personalized throw blanket with your favorite team, sport, or both is always a simple and cute idea. This also gives you a wide variety to choose from, since there are so many options available. Furthermore, it's completely versatile and can work in many rooms like the bedroom or living room.

2. Sports rug

A sports-themed rug is another great way to go to help with a sports aesthetic. Seeing as a rug is mostly used on a daily basis, it's both cute and beneficial as well. These are already sold in a wide variety of designs, however, you can have these custom-made and personalized as well.

3. Bedspread

A bedspread is another simple idea to help bring a sports theme to life. There are a ton of options to choose from as is, but you can also have a bedspread personalized as well. This is a more individual option to go with, but it can really showcase your favorite team.

4. Throw pillows

One of the most basic, subtle, and relatively cheapest ideas to add a sports theme is a throw pillow. Many pillows already come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and more. Adding a throw pillow that is related to a sport can give a nod to your favorite team or sport.

5. DIY lamps

Lamps are a great way to incorporate a sports theme into your home. Widely used by many, lamps can be found in almost any room of any home. The foyer, living room, or bedroom are just a few of the many location options. Alternatively, you can use multiple lamps in various locations.

6. Framed wall art

Wall art is one of the simplest decor items you can choose from to help incorporate a sports theme. They're super versatile and can be hung in any and every room desired. From different types of sports to specific sports themes, there is no shortage of what you can do with them.

7. Simple shower curtain

Another subtle idea to incorporate a sports theme into any home is to change out the shower curtain in the bathroom for one depicting your favorite sports team. Whether it's football or basketball, each sport has its own teams, making the shower curtain flexible to a person's taste. Additionally, you can have a different shower curtain in each bathroom.

8. Wall sticker

Adding a wall sticker is always a fun and simple idea. The best part is that they are super versatile and can be used anywhere you want. Having one custom-made or combining two stickers into one are just a couple of the many ideas you can use.

9. Fan favorite jerseys

While this may seem less subtle than some of the other ideas mentioned, hanging your favorite teams framed jersey replicas on your wall can help incorporate a sports theme within your home. Typically, this is perfect for large rooms such as the living room or even a bedroom.

10. Hockey stick key rack

A unique but extremely cute idea to help to add to your sports theme is a hockey stick key rack. This is an idea that most people won't have or think of doing. While being visually appealing, this idea is also convenient, and will likely be used on a daily basis.

11. Sports themed crockery

Another option that gets used almost every day is crockery. So why not make some sports-themed? Using items such as cups, plates, or dishes is another clever way to help to incorporate this theme into your home. Furthermore, these should be easy to find either online or in your local stores.

12. A simple colored wall

One of the most basic and easy ways to incorporate a sports theme into your home is to paint a room or an accent wall the color of the team you want. This is so simple and can be done in one day. Additionally, this can be done in any room you want.

13. Welcome sign

Whether used inside or outside, a welcome sign with a sports theme will make a great first impression. Like many other decorative items, these can be purchased outright from a store or customized to your preference.

14. Row of lockers

A subtle, unique, and space-saving idea to develop more of a sports theme in your house is to add some lockers. If you're involved in a sport, usually, you have a locker to store all your equipment and personal belongings in. Installing lockers can help bring out this theme and add extra storage space at the same time.

15. Pennant flags

Another cheap and cute idea is to add pennant flags. These are often small and can be hung in any room or area of the home. They are pretty common, too, especially during football season. If this is the kind of look you're going for, then finding them shouldn't be a problem.