Read This Before Trying TikTok's Stenciled Floor Tiles Hack

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many varieties of home renovation projects have become increasingly sought-after. For many groups of people, these projects have worked well as hobbies and sources of inspiration. And while these home renovations are often especially appreciated by homeowners, guests and renters alike, social media also remains a primary presentation space for home modifications. For a plethora of DIY-ers, the digital space can provide both inspiration and tailored advertisements. 

To these points, a viral TikTok trend displaying floor stencils showcases how one might create a visually-appealing tiled effect in their home. But, this stenciling process can and has yielded less-than-stellar results, Insider reports, as is often the case when DIY projects go awry. Fortunately, better options exist and plenty of ways to undo this damage. For some, this might mean hiring a professional to salvage what's left of their floor and correct the problem, effectively giving the area a new look. Others may have to double their time, effort, and energy and approach the DIY project in a different, hopefully, improved, manner. In either case, the renovation remedying steps can be costly with regard to time and money.

Safer floor options

When embarking on a DIY floor renovation, it helps to remember that comprehensive options exist for customers. Instead of patterned floor tiles, parquetry might be a desirable option. As House Digest reported, parquetry is a skilled application technique for positioning wooden tiles or veneers in a manner that produces a decorative geometrical pattern on wooden floors.

Of course, there are other alternatives to meet a variety of needs. Some of them lean heavily on the decorative aspect, including but not limited to sanding or repainting the floor. Sanding or repainting the floor can give your home an updated and crisp look. Another option is to install laminated wooden floors or perform a deep clean of the pre-existing tiles.

As Architectural Digest suggests, homeowners can throw in specific aesthetic options, such as area rugs or floor lamps, to create a home that befits their style. Buyers who want to go all out can tap into their culture, heritage, or profound appreciation for the cultures they admire, allowing their living spaces to echo their stories or interests. It's not uncommon for such people, depending on their ethnicity, to decorate their floors with interior décor items like African floor mats or Persian rugs. Stenciled floors are not a new concept; at the time of publication, Google returned approximately 1.6 million results on the subject.