How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs Inside The House

Although ladybugs are considered an oath of good luck, according to This Old House, they are everyone's least favorite houseguest, and they are definitely not a joy to discover. You're more likely to see them during the colder time of the year, like winter, but no matter what season of the year it is, ladybugs will always seem to find their way into your home at some point. 

According to Prevention, more ladybugs have been seen in homes on a regular occasion starting last winter more than ever all over the country. They are good for the environment, especially your home garden, because they prevent infestations and eat other insects in your yard. They are not an extreme threat at all, but you don't want to get used to seeing them in your home because that means there are families of them. 

It's normal for everyone to see one or two ladybugs in your home from time to time, but once they multiply and reproduce, you have a bigger problem on your hands. But, you're in luck because there are ways you can prevent a ladybug takeover in your house, and here you can find the best solutions.

Seal up your house

Ladybugs are extremely small creatures, so it's not hard for them to get around, stay hidden, or fit into tiny spaces. According to This Old House, ladybugs are attracted to warm, cozy, dark spaces, which makes your home the perfect nesting place for them and their eggs. They produce a chemical discharge that signals the rest of their tribe to find them. 

Any open entrance, no matter how big or small, is an open invitation for ladybugs to come into your home, so the best thing you can do to protect your house is to seat it up, according to The Spruce. Seal up every hole or entry from the outside, like windows, cracks, and vents. Get any holes fixed, plugged up, or filled with foam or concrete. Seal up the bottom of each down in your household, especially entry doors such as the front and back. Check for any holes around pipes and wires as well. This can be a consuming task, but it's better to take the time to do this because it's better to be safe than sorry. If ladybugs can't make their way inside your house to begin with, there shouldn't be a problem.

Keep your plants outside

According to The Spruce, you have a much bigger chance of having visits from ladybugs if your home is located near wooded areas as well as fields. I know we all love a good garden in our yard or, even more, likely now, a family of houseplants, but plants, unfortunately, attract ladybugs, according to Pest Strangers. A plant or two may be okay, but the more plants you keep in your home, the more likely you are to have ladybugs trying to find their way inside to them. 

If you find yourself bringing outside plants into your home or buying new plants, you want to always deliberately inspect them every time to make sure no ladybugs are present. However, it is in your best interest to try to avoid doing this. Not only will keeping your plants outside keep ladybugs from entering your home but the high possibility of any other insects as well.

Vacuuming is a must

According to Prevention, the most efficient way to get rid of ladybugs in your house is by vacuuming them up. If your vacuum has one, using the handheld piece may be easiest when doing this. Not only is it efficient, but it's also safe for ladybugs because you won't have to kill them. 

Simply suck them up through the nozzle and release them outside, but you want to make sure you are a good distance away from your house to avoid the possibility of them entering your home again. This way is simple and easy, and it gets the job done quickly every time. If you don't have a vacuum, you could consider using a broom if it's less than a few that can be easily swept out, but you won't have the same result if it's more than a couple. A broom is more likely to prolong the capture of the ladybugs.

Soap and water go a long way

There are a number of ways to get rid of ladybugs that don't include bringing a toxic chemical into your home and putting yourself at risk. A good natural way to get rid of any unwanted ladybugs in your home you probably didn't think of is to spray them with soap and water. 

Pest Strangers recommends simply filling an empty spray bottle with water and dish soap. Lightly shake the bottle to mix the solution, and once that's done, you want to spray them. This will certainly do the trick and make it easier to get rid of the ladybugs because the solution is harmful to them but safe for you. According to Pest Strangers, the solution kills them and also nips in the bud any possibility of the ladybugs returning because ladybugs, as well as any other insects, are repulsed by the scent of the solution. Talk about two for one deal.

Chrysanthemums are your friend

Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, is a flower that ladybugs are heavily repulsed by, according to Pest Strangers. They grow in different colors, shapes, and sizes, and you don't need an entire garden of them to do the trick, but they are extremely helpful in working as a natural ladybug repellent. Ladybugs are not a fan of mums, and they will avoid them at all costs, so planting or buying this flower will definitely do more harm than good.

 Consider keeping them in a window space, front or back porch, and at the entry of your front door. If you have a dog or other animals, it's also good to know they're a good solution in preventing fleas, according to Pest Guide. If you're a gardener, this plant will also scare off other unwanted guests, so enjoy bug-free living. Of course, if you feel like you may have a ladybug infestation that's completely out of your hands, consider contacting a pest control company like Terminix or Orkin, as recommended by This Old House.