Throw Your Pillow Case Away Immediately If You Notice This

How often do you get rid of your pillowcases? Probably not as often as you think or should. We all love a good comfy and soft pillowcase, but it's important to know they wear down over time and cannot be kept forever. They need to be replaced just like your pillows. In fact, your pillowcase gets just as dirty as your pillow, maybe even dirtier because it's the outside support protecting your pillow. It's a simple fact: pillowcases are dirty, and they carry dust. The quality changes the more you use it, not to mention the germs and buildup it carries that you are unaware of.

The lifespan of your pillowcase depends on you, but even if you're someone who regularly washes your pillowcase, it will need to be replaced and thrown out at some point. Sleep Foundation recommends washing your pillow once a week. If you notice the quality of your pillowcase has changed drastically and doesn't bounce back even after a good wash, this is a good indicator that it's time to throw out your old pillowcase. The reality of it is that pillowcases require maintenance, just like all things in your household, and there comes a time when it has to be disposed of. Eventually, it just won't feel as soft, as clean, or as comfortable as you're used to.

Pillowcase care

Think about it: you're using it every single night for a number of hours. It's touching your face and body. Your pillowcase becomes very exposed to many things over time, gross things that you may have never even thought of and probably don't want to. According to Elite Daily, you should wash your pillowcase at least once a week along with your other bedding to maintain its quality and cleanliness. 

You want to make sure you're making it a priority to do this because, over time, your pillowcase accumulates germs, saliva, dead skin cells, makeup residue, and dirt, which makes it the perfect happy home for dust mites. You spend a good amount of time with your face implanted in your pillowcase, so changing your pillowcases now and again from old to new should be a simple task considering how much you use your pillowcase. Sleep Foundation recommends throwing away your pillowcase every one to two years.