Take A Tour Of This 330-Year-Old Home On Sale For $1.3 Million

When a new home comes up for sale, it's automatically exciting. However, when a home that's several centuries old comes up for sale, well, it's almost unbelievable. The questions then begin swirling around. What year was it built? What unique old features does it have? How much is it? Is there anything that needs to be fixed? These questions and more are expected and great questions to ask. If you're looking for an older house or just like looking at them, then we have an exciting one for you.

Located in Marshfield, Massachusetts, a 330-year-old home is up for sale for around $1.3 million dollars, via Realtor. The home itself is around 2,224 square feet in size while sitting on 4.35 acres of land. While most homes are usually proportional in size, this home is actually long and rectangular. Outdoors, there are several extravagant features, including an inground pool and basketball court. The interior of the home features three bedrooms and two baths, along with other standard and unique rooms as well.

Lots of outdoor activity

If a home has a pool, it's usually the most eye-catching exterior feature. And the one located in this home falls nothing short of this. Per Zillow, the pool included with this home is located in the back of the house but off to the left side. Sitting behind a cabana that could potentially be used as a pool house, the pool itself is long in size and also features an installed diving board. There is tons of pavement surrounding the pool, providing room for any lounge chairs or tables one might want. Additionally, there's a slide on this pavement while providing more fun for kids or even adults.

Sitting directly behind the house and adjacent to the pool is a large tennis courtyard. While featuring mostly basketball baskets as well as tennis nets, the courtyard is enormous in size and can be used for a variety of outdoor activities. Additionally, it has a gigantic wrap-around fence preventing any balls from exiting the court. In addition to both the pool and courtyard, there's still plenty of extra land for whoever buys this home to build whatever other outdoor activity they want.

Classic home interior

Like any other home, this home obviously comes with the basic rooms such as a kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. While this home has mostly older features, the kitchen is nothing less than modern, per Realtor. The floors leading up to the kitchen are bright and wooden. However, the floor in the kitchen itself is a gray marble tile. The walls are a white color but also seem to have a light green tint as well. The counters, cabinets, and even the fridge are all bright white, adding a natural feel to this already warm room.

Over in the living room, the floors are the same bright wood that leads to the kitchen. However, the walls in this room are a tan color with white baseboards and trim. There's a wide window located on one end of the room with a smaller window with indoor shutters located adjacent to the wide one. Beside this small window is a fireplace with a painting and two tealights sitting above the mantel. Residing on top of the floor is a large primary red carpet. On top of this carpet is a white couch with colored details that has a matching chair as well.

Basic bedrooms and at home library

Much like the kitchen and living room, the bedrooms are pretty standard as well. While each bedroom has smaller unique features, the basic aspect remains the same, via Zillow. The flooring, much like the rest of the house, is bright and wooden. Much similar to the living room, the walls are a tan color with bright white baseboards and trim. One bedroom has several smaller windows located throughout it, while the other has a couple of matching but larger windows. Both rooms, however, also feature a fireplace as well.

Perhaps, the most unique room in this whole house is the built-in library. While being massive in size, this particular room is unique in itself. The books and bookshelves themselves are located on the wall almost on the second story of the home. There's a wide variety of books to choose from as well. The flooring is a gray carpet, while the walls are green with brown wooden baseboards. Unlike the rest of this house, the windows in this room, while wide, are also brown in color. There's also a fridge and counter space residing in the room as well.