Inside Bernie Madoff's Former Montauk Home

Bernie Madoff is a major financier most commonly known for pulling-off one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in United States history. His company, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, convinced family and friends to invest with him. Investopedia states that the company had a rough start with many issues, causing Madoff to serve jail time as a young entrepreneur. By 1980, however, the company made a complete turnaround and Madoff started making nearly $100 million every year. Little did investors know that Madoff was using their fortunes in a Ponzi scheme within his company.

The truth was finally exposed in court in 2009. As a result of the scheme, Madoff owed his clients a grand total of $65 billion. He was sentenced to a lifetime of 150 years in prison, but died only 12 years into that sentence at the age of 83. Throughout the Ponzi scheme, Madoff was living the life of luxury with several beautiful estates across the country. After Madoff's life sentence and death, one of those beautiful homes was expected to sell quickly, but somehow the luxurious Hampton beach residence that was once beloved by Madoff and his family languishes on the real estate market. The New York Post states that the property was beloved by its long-time owners, Madoff, and his wife, but somehow new buyers don't seem to see that value. Let's take a look inside to see what the place has to offer.

A gorgeous beachfront exterior

The 3,000-square-foot home is located right along the beach in Montauk, New York, an area that has always been considered a great escape. Especially for city dwellers searching for peace and relaxation, Montauk is the perfect place to get away. The Montauk Chamber of Commerce states that the small town is known for its calm, beautiful beaches where visitors can engage in a variety of activities like fishing, surfing, and paddling. The rest of the town also offers plenty of restaurants for a variety of dining options and recreational areas for land activities as well.

For a peaceful beach town like Montauk, Bernie Madoff's beachfront home offers the perfect place to relax and reside. The outside portions of the home in particular are perfect for enjoying the beach that lays steps away from the back of the home. Realtor shows a beautiful terrace that extends from the back of the home that perfectly overlooks the beach. This area is covered with a canopy, providing a comfortable area to sit and relax out of the sun or in a variety of different weather. Not far from this shaded area, the property also includes a luxurious pool with plenty of poolside seating and a shed to hold pool and other garden equipment.

Spacious living and dining arrangements

Continuing to the interior portions of the residence, the beach house presents a total of three beautiful bedrooms and four luxurious bathrooms. Zillow specifically presents a gorgeous and opulently spaced master bedroom with a very roomy full-sized bathroom that includes a long double vanity with plenty of cabinet space and a walk-in shower. The bathroom also leads onto a small balcony with a beautiful ocean view.

Despite the large bedrooms, the living room and kitchen are arguably the most spacious rooms in the house. The living room extends upward with very high ceilings, and the extensive amount of floor space allows for a variety of seating arrangements, making the perfect area for entertaining guests or spending time with family. The kitchen also boasts a vast amount of room, with plenty of counter and cabinet space for a variety of culinary needs. A full-sized dining table fits in that same area with an extensive amount of seating. Just outside the kitchen area is the terrace, where a more informal meal can also be enjoyed on a nice day.

Bringing the beach into the home

Bringing the beautiful ocean environment into the interior portions of the property, the house is not only brightened with plenty of large windows, but also has stunning beach views outside of them. Starting in the living room, the high ceilings are characterized by the large skylight windows that illuminate the room with the outdoor splendor. Several floor-to-ceiling windows are also located in the lower half of the room, bringing the beautiful beach view into the living room space. Mirroring the beach look, the room boasts sandy white walls and large sandy rocks that decorate the fireplace. The kitchen continues with light white cabinets and tan countertops, per Zillow.

Moving toward the bedrooms, the light style continues with light hardwood floors and lightly colored walls that transition between white and grey. Similar to the rest of the home, the bedrooms also boast floor-to-ceiling windows with the best ocean views. The windows even continue into the master bathroom where they are positioned as skylights on the slanted ceiling, illuminating the light tan and grey marble colors with plentiful natural light.