30 Koi Pond Ideas That Will Help You Find Inner Peace

If you want to make your property an extra dreamy space, then you can opt for various landscaping ideas that will liven up your yard. Of course, beyond stunning flowers and captivating trees, you can also put in a natural pool or pop in a koi pond.

Adding a koi pond to your yard is a great way to incorporate a touch of style and a hint of serenity into your outside space. However, there are a few things that you should know about installing and maintaining a koi pond. For instance, be sure you have enough room, figure out which filtration method would work best for your pond, and choose the right kind of koi, according to The Spruce Pets. Beyond that, you need to be willing to keep the area clean, supply enough water to your pond, and maintain a comfortable temperature for your fish, among other important details and tasks.

If you're intrigued and undaunted, then be sure to check out these koi pond ideas that will not only look amazing in your yard but will also help you find inner peace while at home.

1. Embrace a naturally beautiful koi pond

A natural pond that's surrounded by plenty of green plants and lovely stones or rocks can be a great place for koi to live as well as a serene place for you to spend time. If you don't have an existing natural pond, then you can create a pond with these same pleasing elements.

2. Charming cement koi pond

Cement might not be the first material you think of when you imagine a calming water feature. However, it can be used not only for the foundation and edges of a raised pond, but also for details like faux rocks and even solid plants. Beyond that, cement can keep real rocks in place.

3. Koi pond with plant-filled wood borders

It's not unusual to see a pond surrounded by wooden logs, which can certainly be lovely. However, a koi pond can also be bordered by smooth and sleek wood boxes — even better if they're filled with overhanging plants and tall flowers. Together, they can create a space that's both pretty and peaceful.

4. Kidney-bean-shaped koi pond

In the same way that koi ponds can be of various sizes to suit the space that they're in, they can also be created in a wide range of cool and calming shapes. That includes being kidney-bean-shaped, which features a relatively relaxed and curved design.

5. Layered rocks around a koi pond

It's hard to imagine not feeling relaxed while sitting by this stunningly serene koi pond, which has been built up along the sides using a beautifully tall border of flat rocks that are carefully layered. The stones are also used to create a cascading waterfall.

6. Koi pond with flat stone borders

When flat rocks are used as the borders of a koi pond, they don't necessarily have to be layered. Instead, they can simply be laid flat. The single layer and calmingly clean lines can still have a fair share of character thanks to the texture and colors of the natural material.

7. Water fountain feature in a koi pond

In the same way that there are seemingly endless varieties of koi pond designs, there are also plenty of options when it comes to the water features that can be added. In this case, a fountain feature has been placed in the center of the pond in order to spray water delightfully upwards.

8. Koi pond with sleek black patio stones

Although natural-looking stones are certainly lovely, the opposite can also look amazing when used alongside a relaxing koi pond. For instance, sleek black stones with clean edges and sharp angles can create a fabulous contrast to the calm water and lush foliage — not to mention the brightly colored fish.

9. Koi pond with two water features

Why have a koi pond with just one relaxing water feature when you could have two? This particular pond has a vase in the middle that sprays water upward as well as an additional figure fountain that's spouting water from the one side.

10. Koi pond with tall grass

Water features aren't the only thing that can create a stunning focal point in a koi pond. Plants like tall grass can do the same if placed in specific spots. They can also provide the fish with some much-appreciated shade that can help to regulate the temperature so that things don't get too hot.

11. Koi pond with faux and real elements

There are plenty of options when it comes to real and faux elements that can be added to a koi pond, and there's no reason why you can't embrace both. Try combining a few real water hyacinths and water lettuce with faux lily pads and maybe even a fake duck or two.

12. A koi pond oasis

Creating a koi pond that's tucked away somewhere on a property that's either filled with trees, tall plants, or a grassy meadow can make it feel like a hidden secret oasis. Adding extra elements such as a waterfall, patio stone, and a place to sit can make the private spot even more ideal.

13. Central seating by a koi pond

When it comes to the design of a koi pond, where you sit can be an afterthought. However, if you're the kind of person who likes to spend time relaxing by the water, then you might prefer a setup such as this one that offers central seating with a perfect view of the pond.

14. Koi pond with beautiful boulders

Boulders can boast shapes, shades, and details that almost make them natural works of art, not to mention ideal for creating a pleasing koi pond. Along with being able to use them as a border and backdrop, they can also be used as a waterfall and create visual interest by being placed in the water.

15. Koi pond with round rocks

Fabulous flat stones and beautiful boulders are certainly amazing choices when it comes to creating a koi pond. However, rocks of all sizes are always a fantastic option for setting up a calm spot by the water.

16. Koi pond with pretty pebbles

This cute koi pond may be tucked into a little corner, however, it still makes a big impact. Thanks to the gorgeous landscaping and multicolored pebbles beneath the water, it's definitely a spot where someone could spend plenty of relaxing moments gazing at the pond while their mind wanders and the fish swim happily.

17. Mossy koi pond

A magnificent layer of green moss that almost seems to glow covers almost everything that surrounds this serene koi pond except for perhaps a few of the ferns that are equally beautiful. The gorgeous growth makes the space look ancient and almost untouched.

18. Koi pond with a black bottom

While a dark expanse of water can sometimes seem intimidating — if not downright scary — it can also be calming if used in a small koi pond. Frankly, the dark bottom makes the water look black, which allows the colors of the fish to stand out even more as they swim around in soothing circles.

19. Mini square koi pond

Koi ponds don't have to have to be huge. In fact, smaller koi ponds can be tiny pockets of water that are still surprisingly deep, not to mention sweetly serene. However, they do have to have enough room for the fish to comfortably swim around.

20. Koi pond with a tiered waterfall

One waterfall beside a koi pond is lovely, but two are stunning. However, having a tiered waterfall with many levels is almost whimsical and certainly adds to both the beauty of the pond as well as the soothing setting.

21. Koi pond with a boardwalk or bridge

When you think of a boardwalk, you might imagine the ocean or, at least, a rather sizable lake. Yet, the same sort of boardwalk can also be a lovely idea when it comes to creating a walkway or bridge in order to wander along or across a koi pond.

22. Koi pond with a contemporary fountain

A koi pond can work with almost any outdoor style, including one that's super modern. This pond embraces a chic design with a contemporary fountain that's both on the larger side and offers a smooth flow of water that's certainly soothing.

23. Koi pond with a large log side

The single large log that makes up the entire side of this pond is both practical and lovely. It also makes it seem like a tree fell in that spot long ago and a pond happened to form in its curves in the time since.

24. Koi pond with separate sections

A truly unique take on a koi pond design, this set-up actually includes three separate pockets of water with bridges between them — two are perfectly still and a third has a waterfall. A fourth spot offers a spacious seating area.

25. River-like koi pond

When space allows, a koi pond can be so long that it might almost seem like a river. Not only does that offer the fish plenty of space to spend their days swimming around, but it also offers a relaxing view of meandering water.

26. Koi pond with a cave

There's no doubt that the large moss-covered boulders and multiple streaming waterfalls above and beside this koi pond are incredible, as is the greenery both in and around the water. However, it's the cave that sits between the massive rocks that makes this a truly special and intriguing spot.

27. Koi pond with colorful flowers

The waterfall and rocks that accent this koi pond are certainly lovely and add to the calm atmosphere. At the same time, the various types of plants and flowers add pops of color to brighten up the space.

28. Stately and soothing koi pond

Stately country homes with large properties are an absolutely ideal place for a sizable koi pond. In this instance, the large rectangular pond is bordered by a smooth pathway, stunning purplish-blue flowers, and perfectly trimmed hedges. The calm water perfectly reflects the sky above, which would certainly capture and hold your gaze.

29. Unusual koi pond island

This koi pond happens to have its own little adorable island of sorts — a cozy decorative spot in the middle of the water that holds potted plants. It's an unexpected and somewhat unusual detail that adds an extra level of visual interest to the calm pond.

30. Calming koi pond with a bit of everything

With large, small, and flat rocks, this koi pond seems to use a little bit of everything. Beyond that, it boasts a waterfall, popping green plants, and a seating area to enjoy the relaxing view, as well as both sun and shade for the fish. What more could you want?