See Inside The Home Where Mark Zuckerberg Created Facebook

A special piece of West Coast real estate –- a home with a history connected to a digital platform that literally helps connect millions of people across the world -– is up for sale: the sky blue, multi-story, Northern California house where tech innovator Mark Zuckerberg and a handful of his colleagues created Facebook nearly 20 years ago. The home's current price tag, as reported by Zillow, is approximately $5.3 million. The estimated monthly payment is $28,000. For context, the home is expected to sell faster than 95% of nearby properties, according to Zillow.

As many users may recall, the history of Facebook includes an origin story featuring creators and users of the platform, both who were college students. At an earlier point in Facebook's history, a user would sign up for the website with her university affiliated email address. This distinction helped separate Facebook from the-then popular website MySpace. As a platform, Facebook has since evolved to a more universal digital communication space. At the same time, the platform's leadership also announced last fall that the company's leadership decided to rebrand Facebook as Meta, as reported by CNBC.

A Los Altos property with history

During the announcement at a conference,  Mark Zuckerberg said, "Today we are seen as a social media company, but in our DNA we are a company that builds technology to connect people, and the metaverse is the next frontier just like social networking was when we got started" (via CNBC). The tech creator further expressed his hope that this metaverse will reach 1 billion people, host billions of dollars in commerce, and employ creators and developers. Given the nexus between the California piece of real property up for sale and the contemporary and future iterations of global social media, especially the direction of Facebook/Meta, the property buyer may very well find the price tag worth it.

The house of interest is a 1998 build. And while Facebook's origin story includes nearly a dozen college kids bunking and performing tech innovation in the California home, the house is a single-family residence. As such, the property includes six bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. The house also includes about 3,000 square feet of space. As the New York Post reported, this Los Altos property has been used for rental purposes since 2004 (the year Facebook was created). To this point, the Post also reported that Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz were the first tenants at the storied house (puns intended), which is reportedly nicknamed Casa de Facebook.

Ample outdoor space to enjoy

An external view of a home can highlight a variety of its aesthetically pleasing elements. This spacious build includes a multi-textured driveway and two attached garage spaces. The garage spaces can accommodate multiple vehicles and/or hobby-related materials. Further, the lot in front of the property is considered sloped up, meaning that it reflects a hillside accommodating design plan for the home, as noted by Better Homes & Gardens.

When looking at the outside of the California home where Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, one can also appreciate that the garage spaces include coverings, as the property listing on Zillow detailed. On a softer note though, in front of the house, small shrubs with white and purple flowers bloom. The residence also sits atop .28 acres of land. A final external detail for the house itself is a gazebo or a pavilion structure commonly used in gardens, parks, and detail-oriented homes such as this one.

Details about the home's interior

An internal view of the house shows homey elements and a calming color scheme, which is visible throughout the space. Many rooms in the home showcase white, green, and blue details, as well as hardwood floors with a golden gleam and tiled floors. Likewise, the front door contains wood and ornate glass details. As the Zillow listing detailed, the home includes central air, laundry features, and more. The home also includes more than two showers over tubs. The kitchen and family rooms are a combined space, while a separate family room also exists within the home. The dining room includes a breakfast nook, dining area, and formal dining room.

Overall, the price tag for the property is approximately $1,784 per square foot, according to Zillow. The home includes well-lit white rooms and a balcony, which overlooks lush greenery. Simple bathrooms with white fixtures are also present. The kitchen is itself encapsulated by light brown wood, which lends the space a level of warmth that is to be appreciated in a space where people carefully and thoughtfully prepare food. Additional kitchen features include granite counters and an island with a sink. Lastly, the home includes bay windows, double-pane windows, and a skylight. Interior features include particularly high and vaulted ceilings. The address is 1743 Westbrook Avenue in Los Altos, CA 94024.