The Best Time To Shop At Bed Bath And Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the most popular destinations for shoppers in search of home goods. From home decor to bedding to outdoor furniture and kitchenware, Bed Bath & Beyond offers products for every room in the house (and for every price range). Their wide offering of products for every room -– from discount to high-end brands -– commonly go on sale throughout the year and can also be bought using a variety of great coupons that shoppers can receive by mail, email, app, or text.

Though it isn't hard to find great deals at Bed Bath & Beyond on an average day, knowing the schedule of their annual sales, as well as following some additional shopping tips, can help you score the biggest deals and flaunt your receipt after getting the maximum possible savings on some great products. The Krazy Koupon Lady recommends signing up for the Bed Bath & Beyond email list, mailing list, or downloading the app to unlock the best deals and keep an eye on savings events throughout the year.

Keep an eye on the annual sales calendar

Bed Bath & Beyond, like many stores, holds many of its sales events in correspondence with national holidays and major events. Groupon lays out some of the sales events you should be on the lookout for, which include the following events.

Throughout the year, Bed Bath & Beyond offers discounts on candles (especially Yankee Candles) during their candle sale events. Five to six times a year, shoppers can score 10% to 50% off regular-priced sheets with the sheet sale. Throughout the year, shoppers can score up to 60% off regular-priced comforters with the comforter sale. Shoppers can save up to 60% on kids' towels, beach towels, and bathroom towels throughout the year with the towel sale. Around mid-summer, dorm items from bedding to desk organizers to small appliances are marked down for the dorm sale.

Beginning the evening of Thanksgiving and running through the Saturday after, site-wide sales on all items take place as much as 25% off the entire store for their Black Friday sales. The Labor Day sales begin the Thursday or Friday before Labor Day and run through the holiday, shoppers can score up to 60% on select products, while the Memorial Day sales begin the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, and shoppers can expect to receive savings of up to 50% on select items. Finally, the President's Day sale is usually held for the entire week, beginning on the Monday before and running through the Saturday or Sunday after the holiday, and the store holds sales of up to 50% on select items.

Shop the semi-annual clearance events

Though you can save money on your Bed Bath & Beyond purchases year-round with coupons and sporadic sales, The Krazy Koupon Lady notes that twice a year, in January and September, Bed Bath & Beyond holds their semi-annual clearance event, where you can score deals on items for prices lower than any other time throughout the year. While you can score heavily discounted items both in-store and online during these events, The Krazy Koupon Lady suggests shopping in-store if you can, as in-store sales can be as notable as 75% off, whereas online sales only ever get discounted to 50% off.

Unfortunately, you are not able to utilize any coupons on top of the heavily discounted items during the clearance events, but since the discounts are better than any other time of the year, you can still find crazy awesome deals without needing any coupons to do so.

Never shop without a 20% off coupon

Though Bed Bath & Beyond often has some great sales on everyday products, as a general rule of thumb to maximize your savings, The Krazy Koupon Lady suggests never making a purchase without a coupon of at least 20% off. Though this rule would be difficult to abide by at a lot of larger, more upscale retailers, Bed Bath & Beyond is notorious for pretty much always having one out there for shoppers to use on their in-store and online purchases in one way or another. Plus, unlike many other stores, Bed Bath & Beyond typically allows you to use your coupon on top of existing sales and even lets you stack multiple coupons on top of one another on in-store purchases -– allowing you to score some extra awesome deals at the register.

The Krazy Koupon lady suggests a few tips to receive these popular coupons, such as joining the Bed Bath & Beyond email list, signing up for texts, and signing up to receive paper coupons by mail. She also suggests utilizing any mobile coupons you may have before using your paper coupons, as the mobile coupons expire and the paper ones never do when used in-store (even if the coupon shows an expiration date).