A Jungle-Themed Pool And 12-Acres On Lake Ozark Could Be Yours For This Whopping Sum

If you long for water and fresh forest air, there is no magical place better than the lakes in Ozark, Missouri. It can be where you let your troubles slip away, with plenty of nature trails, a national park, cavernous caves, and over 1,100 miles of pristine shores, per Missouri. However, if you want more than a rented cabin on Airbnb or are looking to move permanently to this picturesque city, get your boating shoes and checkbook ready because there is a fantastic property available right on the edge of Lake Ozark that cannot be missed.

This unique property lies on just under 12 acres of land with unparalleled lake views and access. For a dollar shy of $10 million, you can own the land, which is composed of two residential areas, room to build additional living quarters, and separate commercial space, according to the listing on Zillow. Have everything you could ever dream of contained within one luxurious compound, including six slips for your boats with plenty of dock space. 

The home was constructed in 1999 and has had recent updates, including an innovative home system that allows you to control the state-of-the-art security system, operate the window shutters, and power over the indoor climate temperatures. These incredible details just scratch the surface of what this home offers. Now let's take a tour of this phenomenal property.

Outside the spacious property on Lake Ozark

This magnificent home's 11.8 acres of land is beautiful beyond belief. Surrounded by mature trees, the bright, white-colored façade of the house is designed with impressive columns and archways that extend up to the third story. The roof has over 100 solar panels taking in optimal sunshine throughout the day, as per pictures listed on Zillow. The main house features balconies that run the entire length of the building, which is perfect for taking in the views of your surroundings. They also overlook the vast swimming pool and hot tub, both set into ornate rock structures and encompassed by hanging trees for the perfect amount of serene solitude. Around the pool are multiple lounge areas where you can entertain guests while treating them to an outdoor barbeque by the large flat-screen television.

A walk around the property will lead you down a stone path that winds its way to a full-sized outdoor tennis court and putting green. A further stroll down the course will take you to a stunning lakefront view with over 1,000 feet of shoreline for you to enjoy. This not only has a dock with room for six boats to rest comfortably but space as well to enjoy the sound of the lapping waves. If you are looking to add more residences to the expansive property, it also has the zoning to house more lots without sacrificing the privacy of the main home.

Inside the elaborate Ozark mansion

Consisting of the main house and guest quarters, the inside of both homes take full advantage of their remarkable scenic surroundings by having floor-to-ceiling windows in almost every room. The main home has an open floor concept, offering an 11,200-square-foot dwelling with five bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, according to the listing on Zillow. The primary living room is designed with milky white décor and paint to liven up every inch of the space. The windows let in plenty of natural light and highlight the arches on the third-story balcony, which can be easily accessed through glass sliding doors. A marble-framed wood-burning fireplace awaits you in the space, boasting high vaulted ceilings that add to the room's levity. The floors have smooth white tiles that transition delicately to plush cloud-like carpeting.

The modern kitchen has tiered countertops with additional seating at the breakfast bar. An array of overhead lighting illuminates every inch and showcases the ingenious storage that is kept overhead. These ledges can be perfect for displaying hanging plants or other potted greenery to help bring life to the cooking space. The primary bedroom is immediately striking as the bed faces a wall of windows that expand to fit most of the area of the room, letting the view of the sparkling lake pour in. To look closer and feel the air across your skin, you can open the doors to reveal a private balcony.

Take a splash in the jungle-themed indoor pool

With so much space around the primary home of this Lake Ozark mansion, they have managed to create several entertainment rooms. A large workout room features oversized windows to allow natural light to guide you as you jog or lift. There is also a stunning game room equipt with a shuffleboard table, a full-sized pool table, as well as a bar and lounge area, with access to a walk-out balcony. For some quiet reading time, you can step out onto the covered veranda that extends to offer an overhead view of the rolling water, as per pictures of the home listing on Realtor.

However, one truly unique feature sets this marvelous home apart from any other. Inside there is a pool room that has been fully decorated to fit a jungle theme. A large mural on the back wall depicts an expansive tree-filled jungle with swinging monkeys; it transitions to a dry Sahara desert with detailed giraffes, zebras, and elephants. In front of this wall-sized painting is an actual elephant and giraffe statue that come within mere feet of grazing the ceiling. Around the pool are a variety of potted tropical plants to add to the ambiance and a seating area for guests to kick back and enjoy the scenery. If you're looking for an estate with picturesque views and plenty of amenities, this is the home for you.