Which Days Of Our Lives Cast Member Has The Most Expensive Home?

Like with any television show, a lot goes into making soap operas what they are. Unlike other television series, however, soaps air episodes on an average of anywhere from 200 to 300 per year, according to Malaysian Digest. The show Days of Our Lives is one of the longest-running daytime soap operas to date, as they began airing episodes back in 1965. This means there are thousands and thousands of episodes out there, making it almost impossible to catch up on. With every one of these episodes comes a large cast. Furthermore, each cast member might not appear in every episode or for several episodes in a role.

On this long-running show, characters come and go fairly often. Actors and actresses that play those characters come and go just as much, which often leads to recasts. Basically, each character can be played by as little as one or several different actors throughout the show's lifespan. Additionally, actors can play more than one role in the series. Sometimes, this can happen at the same time as the actor is already playing another role. All this acting and casting also produces a hefty salary for the actors that portray these roles. So, what exactly does the cast spend their salaries on? Well, of course, one thing is a house. But which of those cast members has the most expensive home? Let's take a look.

Alison Sweeney's LA estate

It's hard to imagine Days of Our Lives without Alison Sweeney's fierce and spunky portrayal of Samantha Brady. Per Soap Central, Sweney first took on the role in 1993 and was a full-time main character until 2014. She then took a year hiatus and has returned off and on several occasions ever since. Sami is the daughter of Days' icons Marlena Evans and Roman Brady. During the series, she has had several romantic relationships, some of which led to the births of her four children, Will, Allie, Johnny, and Sydney. She's most popularly known to start chaos and wreak havoc on her own life and those around her at any given moment. This isn't always intentional; however, it happens more often than not.

Despite Sami's chaotic life, Sweeney herself actually lives a pleasant one. According to Urban Splatter, she currently owns a home located in the Los Angeles area of California, where she resides with her family. Sweeney first purchased this property in 2006 for close to $1.8 million. Back then, the house consisted of three bedrooms and three bathrooms; however, she decided to renovate it and turn it into a five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms home. Altogether, the interior space consists of 2,933 square feet with luxuries such as a theater room and wine cellar. Exterior features include a private pool, a spa, and various fruit trees.

Deidre Hall's former Bel Air estate

Deidre Hall, who plays Marlena Evans, is the mother of Sami Brady, per Soap Central. Hall first took on the role in 1976 and quickly became a main and important character for over a decade before taking a four-year hiatus. She then resumed the role in 1991 for 18 years before taking another two-year hiatus. Once again, Hall resumed the role in 2011 and has appeared on screen ever since. Aside from Sami, Evans' other children include Sami's twin brother Eric Brady and daughter Belle Black. Marlena Evans can be described as kind and gentle primarily due to her role as the head of the Psychiatry program at Salem University Hospital.

With all the drama that goes on in the soap, Hall lives a calmer lifestyle. As per SFGate, prior to selling, Hall and her husband lived in a Bel Air mansion that they purchased for $3 million in 1992. While residing there, the home was over 6,800 square feet in size and sat on just 0.5 acres of land. The house was originally built and designed in 1932 and was intended to resemble an English home. Many features resided within this residence, including six bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a separate guesthouse, a sports court, and a pool. In 2006, they listed this estate for close to $8.5 million.

Arianne Zucker's LA estate

Another feisty and dramatic character on Days of Our Lives is Arianne Zucker's portrayal of Nicole Walker. Per Soap Central, Zucker first took on the role in early 1998 and went on a hiatus in 2006. Two short years later, Zucker returned to the role for almost a decade before leaving the show. However, Zucker still makes appearances every so often. Nicole Walker has taken on several career aspects while residing in Salem, including waitressing, a news reporter, political aspects, magazine editor, and many more. Unfortunately, her mom, Fay Walker, as well as her father, Paul Mendez, have both passed. She also has a sister, Taylor Walker, and a half-brother, Brandon Walker.

Zucker and Shawn Christian put their home for sale for close to $1.85 million within the past few years, Dirt notes. Located in the Los Angeles area, the home is around 3,400 square feet in size. Five bedrooms and five and a half baths reside within this estate, with each bedroom having its own private bath. In addition, several exterior luxuries include a privacy fence, a pool, a spa, a poolside tiki bar, and a treehouse. The couple first purchased the home for $1.4 million.