Tour NBA Star Devin Booker's Desert Home

At 25 years old, Devin Booker has already developed an impressive and growing basketball resume. Booker, being a one-time NBA Player of the Month and six-time NBA Player of the week, to making it to the 2021 NBA Finals and 2022 Western Conference Semifinals, has created an eye-catching home fit for an MVP, as per NBA. In Booker's home tour with Architectural Digest, we see his style is a unique blend of modern and mid-century, including furniture that can accommodate his tall teammates!

As the starting guard for the Phoenix Suns, Booker needed a desert oasis to unwind, host, and enjoy with his dog Haven when he's not on the road or with the team on their home court. The space is inviting and professional, embracing his transition to a mature aesthetic. With uninterrupted views of the mountains and an impressive pool that spans nearly the entire backyard, let's take a closer look at Booker's pad.

He utilized Clements Design team to bring his ideas to life

The first room that Booker shows off is his great room. The room has unobstructed views of the mountains and a warm feel throughout the space. He designed the area with the help of Clements Design, an L.A.-based design firm with several A-list clients, including Kris Jenner, Ellen DeGeneres, and Booker's girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, as per People.

Clements Design is owned by the mother and son team Kathleen and Tommy Clements. It is known for embracing a home's architecture and incorporating pieces that mix old and new, contemporary and modern, and different textures. Neither of them has a formal interior design background, with Kathleen originally working as a buyer for Ralph Lauren and Tommy working for Architectural Digest (via Design Miami). Their designs tend to focus less on random decorations and more on creating a mood for the room with inviting materials and furniture. They have amassed a solid reputation in the space and were recently named as one of the best interior design firms in L.A. (via Essential Home).

His coffee table is a massive granite slab

One of the most striking features of Booker's great room is the granite coffee table in the center. It is a large slab that Booker says was "quite a process" to get in the space. It is surrounded by a massive sectional couch, creating a centralized feel in the room that is perfect for entertaining or strategizing new plays. Granite makes for a great surface in your home as it is heat, scratch, and stain-resistant, as per Eastern Surfaces

For those who can't utilize a full-sized granite slab as a coffee table, there are other ways to get the same aesthetic. Using a base that is a less expensive material such as wood creates a unique look and is more cost-effective. To attach the granite to a wood base, you need a strong adhesive such as silicone (via Trung Nguyen Online).

He embraces chilly Arizona nights with a cozy fireplace

One of the most inviting areas of a home is a fireplace. Despite the hot temperatures in the desert, it can get cold at night and during the winter. Booker's fireplace can be seen and felt from both the great room and living room, and its contemporary stone design is as much a piece of art as it is functional. He credits growing up in Michigan as the place where his fondness for fireplaces began, which is notorious for its cold winters. According to Architectural Digest, fireplaces provide symmetry to a space and a natural center to gather. Plus, depending on the mantle, it's also a handy area to display photos and trinkets.

Fireplaces are one of the most popular features that buyers want in a home. According to The Washington Times, they are one of the top three wishlist items, alongside porches and renovated kitchens. The publication also suggests that having a fireplace can increase a home's value. "For the past 10 years, we've seen a trend that when developers add a fireplace to a condo, the price goes up by $10,000," Jennifer Hammond, a Washington agent, said. People prefer smaller, sleeker fireplaces nowadays, especially if the space is small.

He softens the modern design of the home with inviting touches

Booker's home is a modern architecture lover's dream. The one-story desert paradise has lots of clean lines, natural textures, and minimal color, as per Hommes Studio. Clements Design was tasked with honoring the modern character of the home but incorporating Booker's effortless and cool style to make the space his own. His style is minimalist but warm, with most of his pieces intentionally curated to serve as a gathering spot for his family, friends, and teammates. 

The furniture was selected to bring an inviting and relaxed vibe to an otherwise modern and sleek facade and connect the rooms through similar textiles, colors, and decor. With as much time as Booker spends on the road, his home needed to be a space that was functional and comfortable to help him unwind during the season. You see a few personal touches throughout the tour, including his 3-Point Champion trophy from the NBA All-Star weekend.

His custom couch is big enough for the whole team

On top of personalizing the home to Booker's taste, the pieces also needed to accommodate his incredibly tall team. This meant a lot of custom furniture and designing the room to ensure that everyone had ample legroom. According to the athlete, one of the most-used areas is the 12-foot custom couch in his living room. With teammates 6'5" and above, it's easy to see how quickly the couch would fill up! The living room is where the team gathers and watches games, strategizes, and unwinds after a long day of practice. 

Although you don't need to have a family of 6'5" athletes to purchase a custom couch, it's important to determine what your priorities are with the design. According to Furniture Fair, establishing a budget, choosing a size, and picking out a frame that is in alignment with the space the couch will be in is essential. Take some time to explore design articles, look at Pinterest boards, and figure out what speaks to you. It also helps to determine the couch's use — deciding if it's for comfort, entertaining, or simply to fill a large space in a room will help streamline your decision-making process (via Houzz).

His custom poker table and bar are focal points of the living room

Booker's custom poker table is a show-stopping addition to the space. Designed with durability and height in mind, the table seats six, with cup holders and custom suede chairs so the team can enjoy poker night in style. Booker says that the team frequently plays Booray, a card game where the objective is to win at least one trick and ultimately win the most tricks at the table, as per Bicycle Cards

Next to the poker table is an impressive built-in bar. It has a unique statement wall and a well-stocked array of spirits — including some of Jenner's 818 Tequila. Creating a lively at-home bar can be a fun way to display your favorite drinks and become the go-to house for entertaining. According to House Beautiful, some ways to enhance your home bar include matching glassware to your cabinets, utilizing warm lighting and soft tones, incorporating gold accents, or utilizing eclectic wallpapers.

His massive kitchen has two marble islands

Booker's kitchen is quite the showstopper with gold hardware accents and marble slabs utilized throughout, including on two massive islands, the backsplash, and the hood cover. Architectural Digest notes marble is such a versatile and classic choice for the kitchen because of its sizable color and veining choices. Although Booker admits he doesn't spend much time cooking at home, the kitchen is designed as a gathering place for teammates and friends. In alignment with the limited amount of personal cooking done there, the island has minimal decorations on it — only limes picked from his garden outside!

The space also includes two large panel-ready refrigerators. These refrigerators are designed to look and fit into custom cabinet panels. They're a unique way to create more cohesion in the kitchen and eliminate a stainless steel fridge sticking out like a sore thumb. Although they add a layer of visual intrigue and can increase the resale value of your home, panel-ready fridges are also complicated to install, and the parts can be more expensive than a traditional refrigerator (via Designer Appliances).

The dining room features a wine cellar and unique art by James Turrell

Right off of the kitchen is Booker's dining room, which includes a mid-century-inspired dining table, chairs, and chandelier. The space also consists of a massive wine cellar stocked with selections from Booker's Napa Valley excursions and recommendations from friends. One of the most striking pieces in the dining room is a James Turrell painting that hangs in the center of the space. 

It's a rectangle that emits purple and pink light and Is somewhat of an optical illusion. Booker says that if you stare at it enough, the painting begins to look like a floating box. James Turrell is known for sculptures that push the needle of mechanics and our perceptions of reality, as per The Arizona Republic. Kendall also has a piece of Turrell's work in her home, and Booker credits a trip they took to Turrell's "Roden Crater" installation as the spark for his interest in purchasing the piece (via The Art Newspaper).

He transformed his gaming room into an office

Part of being one of the best young players in the league means that there are lots of endorsement deals to be made. As such, Booker needed a home office that would allow him to conduct business without being in the open. Booker looks at the room as a bittersweet transition, as it was originally his gaming room. The room still has touches of personality, including a Rolex watch-face clock that hangs on the wall. The office design is built around an Italian vintage leather couch and includes furniture and fabric that complement the style without matching perfectly. 

Transforming a room into an office is a great way to maximize your space. According to Good Housekeeping, one of the first steps in the process is determining how the office will be used. For example, is it purely an office or nook, or will it also need to house guests from time to time? Once the function has been established, you can play around with ideas like removable wallpaper, plants, accent walls, or building around a specific color theme to make the space your own and increase productivity.

He has a custom sized bed in his bedroom

Booker's bedroom is minimalist, embracing the modern look of the rest of the house. With leather accent pieces and a muted color palette, the room is cozy and moody and has beautiful views of the pool and outdoor area. Another special feature of the room is his smart blinds with blackout panels, giving Booker the perfect environment to catch up on sleep post-game or after a road trip. The signature piece of the room is Booker's bed, which he says is the biggest bed he's ever had. Like most basketball players, Booker needed a custom bed to accommodate his height. 

According to Ball Are Life, most players opt for a California king-sized bed, as it allows their feet to not dangle off the edge – unless they're seven feet tall! Although mattresses are sized based on bed dimensions, one player in particular needed a little "extra." Shaquille O'Neal challenged Tempur-Pedic to create a custom mattress for him — 14 inches longer than a standard California King (via ThePostGame).

He has an impressive sneaker collection

Right off of Booker's bedroom is his walk-in closet. He has a custom, lighted, built-in shelving system that displays his extensive sneaker collection. The collection is color organized and separated by brand and style. On the top shelf sits some of his rarest finds, designed to be seen and not worn (he views his collection as a work of art), including a pair of white and blue 1985 custom Jordan Ones. 

One of Booker's favorite shoes is his collaboration with Nike on the Moss Point Air Force 1s. In an interview with GQ, he refers to them as the "Holy Grail." The shoes have personal touches all over, including the name Moss Point, which was his high school. The shoes also have his birthday hidden on the tongue and the phrases "Yes Ma'am" and "No Sir ” on the back, symbolizing his life after moving from Michigan to Mississippi and adjusting to the Southern Hospitality lifestyle.

One of his most prized possessions is his car collection

Although he is a major shoe collector, his love of classic cars might take the cake. The tour takes you to his garage, where you see nearly every inch taken up by a vehicle. He starts the tour by showing off two of his Grand Nationals — one that he drives daily and the other that's a limited edition. Although he equates picking a favorite car to choosing a favorite child, he ultimately chooses the 1959 Impala Ragtop as his number one pick. 

He drove the car to game one of the 2021 NBA Finals, and even more impressive, the car still has all its original parts. Outside of his favorite, the entire collection deserves honorable mentions. He is a big fan of Chevrolet and has a '96 Impala (a nod to when he was born) and '71 Impala, as per GQ. He credits his love of classic cars to his father and grandfather, who are avid collectors in their own right.

His backyard is centered around the pool

Booker's love of hosting throughout the house can also be seen through his unique backyard space. The courtyard-style backyard is almost exclusively taken up by his swimming pool, which he uses for both post-game recovery and fun. There are several sitting areas, each facing out towards the pool. He also has a ping-pong table set up, giving guests many options to entertain themselves. Plus. he has a massive projection screen that can be seen from the pool, hot tub, and even inside. Adding a pool to your backyard haven is a great way to maximize your living and entertaining space as well as add resale value later on. 

According to Veranda, the best-designed pools complement the existing landscape instead of clashing with it. For example, utilize drought-resistant plants if your pool area doesn't get much shade. Another essential piece to designing a fun pool area is selecting the right furniture. According to Better Homes and Garden, picking pieces that are durable in all-weather such as teak or cedar also extends the life of your set and prevents you from spending extensive time polishing or cleaning. Another great way to refresh your outdoor furniture is utilizing fun pops of color through cushions and pillows — bonus points if they are machine washable!

He turned his guest house into a game house

When Booker bought the house, it came with a two-bedroom guest house with a full kitchen. He completely transformed the space into a fully-stocked game house, taking entertaining to a whole new level. The house is multi-purpose, holding a theater, studio, and many games, including vintage arcade machines and several video game consoles. The space also has a massive couch similar to the one in the main house, perfect for bringing the whole team together for game night. Booker also maintains an extensive candy collection in the game house, making guests feel like they've stepped into Candy Land! 

Another well-used area in the game house is his pool hall, designed with custom University of Kentucky pool balls and school colors throughout. Even if you can't create a full-blown game house, any space can be transformed into a fun and inviting space to play games and unwind. According to Country Living, utilizing an untouched area of your garage, living room, or even breakfast nook can become a designated area for games. You can also create an at-home drive-in theater experience with just a portable projector and a large wall.