Joe Mazza Reveals The Hidden Dangers To Look For When Buying A Home

Buying and owning a home can come with many pros and cons. Obviously, the first pro is having your own house. Who doesn't love that? However, the upkeep and constant cleaning are some of the biggest cons. From cleaning on a daily basis to all the bills that come with it, owning a home is not as simple of a task as one might think. Additionally, there are potential dangers that home buyers should look out for when purchasing a home. Not knowing these tips can cause buyers to end up spending more money than they realize.

Joe Mazza, star of HGTV's show "Home Inspector Joe," knows exactly what to look for prior to a home purchase. According to Realtor, Mazza is trained to look for and help buyers keep an eye out for problems that could end up costing the buyer money in the future. If the home does, in fact, have issues, he helps the potential new owners understand the steps they can take to resolve these issues prior to the purchase. So, what should the purchaser look for? Well, there are a couple of things.

Things to look out for

According to Realtor, Joe Mazza says that one of the things buyers should look for, if applicable, is to make sure the stairs are safe. More specifically, the stair rails need to be safe. This is one that many may not think about or consider. If an adult's head can fit through the rails, then it can be fairly easy for a child to fit their whole body through. This can result in unwanted injury. Replacing the railings so they are closer together and smaller in size can prevent this. Ideally, the rails should be no further than four inches apart. Of course, this all depends on preference and if there will be kids residing within the home as well.

Other important and typically common dangers that buyers need to look out for are rotten floors and boards. This can be both inside the home and on the porch outside. A rotten floor isn't safe for anyone of any age. Front porches are most commonly made out of standard two-by-four floorboards. When a porch begins to rot, the boards will slowly rise up. This then becomes a walking hazard as one can trip on this board and even get a splinter. Mezza suggests replacing the section that is rotted instead of the whole porch. This will save the homeowner both time and money.