Christina Hall's Summer-Friendly Design Tips

You might know Christina Hall from her show "Flip or Flop," in which she used her incredible imagination to see potential where others saw tear-downs; she was determined to carry her design vision through to the end in the revitalization of California fixer properties. Her glamorous and classic aesthetic, as well as that uncompromising attitude, have won her many fans and a spin-off, "Christina on the Coast." The show has been so successful it's garnered a top 5 Nielsen ranking for non-news/sports cable programming (via Deadline). Now another iteration called "Christina in the Country" is on the HGTV docket for six episodes; it will be based in Tennessee, the locale of her new family vacation residence. 

This Southern California design-diva grew up in Anaheim and calls Newport Beach home, so she knows a thing or two, practically and idealistically, about warm weather living and entertaining. Hall's focus on an indoor/outdoor lifestyle is regarded as a signature of her designs, per Realtor. We'll take all her advice on how to make the most of our inside and outside spaces for the summer, and we're sharing it here! 

Shades of black, white, and sea

In her backyard haven, Christina Hall chose outdoor furniture in shades of black, grey, and white. According to HGTV, she loves to wear black, and adores black and white interiors; in a photo of her furniture line debut Christina Home Designs, pieces surround her in a palette of black and ivory. It's an elegant look in even the least expensive applications. In addition to the modern furniture, Hall has layered two outdoor rugs underneath the suite; Realtor noted that she frequently uses rugs to dress up a patio, making it feel like a polished, indoor room transported outside. 

Make sure to err bigger with rugs — a larger carpet gives the illusion of more space. Many outdoor carpets are simple to maintain — just shake, vacuum, and hose them down. Use a pressure washer for heavy-duty cleaning, and always check the manufacturer's instructions. To connect the indoors with the outside, Hall suggests glass accordion doors. They encourage flow between areas, and make the interior brighter and seem more spacious — and they certainly contribute to a laid-back summer vibe perfect for relaxing or entertaining. 

Inside, Hall recommends a long, natural wood dining table that can accommodate lots of friends and family. Guests will be happy to linger for barbecues and celebrations if they feel your motto is the more the merrier. To capitalize on a fresh mood, Hall goes with blue or neutral iridescent tile reminiscent of sea and shells for kitchens and bathrooms.