Take A Tour Of Bob Hope's Former LA Estate That's On The Market For $29 Million

Bob Hope, whose birth name was Leslie Townes Hope, was born in England in 1903, as per Britannica. Living for over 100 years, he died in 2003 in California. Throughout his century on earth, Hope spent his time making people laugh with quick jokes and one liners. He was also known for doing USO tours overseas to entertain troops in the U.S. military. Because of all his hard work and natural talent, Hope went on to win several honors and awards. Now, the home that he once lived in is for sale.

According to the New York Post, the owner, Ron Burkle, is the current owner and listed the property for $29 million. Upon purchasing the estate in 2018 for $15 million, Burke made a promise to preserve Hope's legacy. While there were many buyers that were interested in the property, Hope's daughter said she wanted to wait for the right person to come along before she sold her dad's estate. Sitting on just over 5 acres of land, this estate comes with six main bedrooms, 17 total bathrooms, a garage with a two-bedroom apartment, and an inground pool just to name a few luxuries this estate has to offer.

An oasis of outdoor space

On Bob Hope's former property, there are numerous outdoor features. According to Zillow, located on the far side in the backyard is a small one-hole golf course. Already cut to perfection, this area would be any golfer's dream as it's set up for one to tee off at any given moment they'd like. Another sport or relaxation spot on this property is a long inground swimming pool. Complete with lights and an area at the end for lounge chairs, this is the perfect place for swimmers to train or just to relax on a floatie and enjoy the sun.

Of course, one doesn't have to be in or by the pool to relax and enjoy the outdoors — nearby is an outdoor cabana. The roof of this outdoor luxury provides a minimum amount of shade as it features a skylight. This is perfect for those wanting to tan or wanting to stargaze at night. Under this resides an outdoor chair and sofa with two matching end tables and main table in between. Elsewhere on the property, beside the tennis court, is another outdoor relaxation area that features two identical sofas with a coffee table in the middle. Just a few feet away is another table with four chairs that are perfect for outdoor eating.

A sprawling living room with stunning views

One of the most impeccable rooms in this house is the living room. As Zillow points out, it is large and has several notable aspects. The light brown wooden floors are one of the first things to notice. Then, the ceiling is a bright white color as are the few walls in this space; mostly, this stunning family room features floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the property. Catty-cornered in one area of the room is a large brick fireplace. There is plenty of space behind this for other features as well. 

Sitting in front of the fireplace is a long blue sofa with two matching white chairs. In the middle of the room, however, is the main seating area. On of the floor is a large, gray detailed area rug. On top of this, in the middle, is a marble table. Surrounding it are two large sofas located across from each other. Finally, two different brown end tables sit on one side of each sofa, and on the other side are two brown chairs facing towards the sofas.

A gamer's dream room for fun and relaxation

Of course, within any large mansion there is often a unique room or feature. Per Zillow, this estate has many such features, and one of them is a game room. Perhaps the most eye-catching aspect in this room is the large pool table. It's made of brown wood and has a green felt on top, as most standard pool tables do. The walls surrounding this table, however, are appealing in their own unique way; glass cabinets with lights are displayed on three of the walls with a window in the middle of one. These cabinets are filled with framed photos, books, and other decorative items. The window in the middle, however, is large and open and has two chairs in front of it.

Of course, the pool table isn't the only stunner in this room, as a large fireplace resides in one of the walls with a sitting area surrounding it. Two white and black chairs and a bright blue patterned sofa make up this space. A short marble table sits in the middle, and a tall, black end table is on one side of the sofa. 

Off on the end of the room is a small office; a desk resides directly in the middle of this space, which overlooks the game room. Behind the desk is a large wraparound window that has views of the greenery outside. To the side of this desk is a door leading to the outdoors.