The Best Crystals Every Pisces Should Have In Their Home

Crystals are known for their healing properties, as well as their abilities to help those who channel their vibrations connect with the universe and inner selves. Each zodiac sign has crystals that benefit them, bringing them positive experiences and emotions. According to Cosmic Cuts, the Pisces sun represents the ending of a cycle; this zodiac sign alludes to the beginning of a new spring and a time of reflection. The stones associated with this sign emphasize this change, as well as the properties that Pisces are known for. It is the last astrological sign, represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. They symbolize the recurring attention divide that many Pisces experience in life, separating their fantasies and dreams from their realities. This sign is known for being incredibly intuitive and creative, but they also absorb the entire scope of human emotion since they are at the end of the zodiac calendar.

Because they are so emotionally present, they experience happiness, hope, and fear on a visceral level. Their ability to feel so strongly allows them to be empathetic toward others, showing extreme compassion to those around them. Pisces lean toward a dreamer's point of view, and at times their emotional capacity tends to overwhelm them. Grounding crystals and methods are great for this sign, especially when their hearts become too ingrained in their daily interactions with others. While their intense emotional connections are a wonderful part of their personality, Pisces have to remember to maintain a balance lest they become overwhelmed or engulfed.


As the Pisces birthstone, amethyst is a powerful tool for this sign. Two of this crystal's biggest properties are calming energy and intuition. It allows those under the Pisces sun to channel inner peace, which is useful when their emotions become heavy or overwhelming. Amethysts give Pisces the ability to look within and get to the root of their stressors, problems, and frustrations. It clears their mind so they can better themselves on a spiritual and soulful level. It also promotes the desire to support and help those around them, which they can do with a clear head when channeling this crystal's energies.

According to Every Body in Mind, amethysts help encourage a more peaceful slumber and bring about good dreams for the holder. Neptune rules Pisces, and this celestial body dictates dreams as well as the creative psyche. Pisces can greatly benefit from keeping amethysts near their bedside or with them throughout the day because of the Neptunian influences that rule over them.


Being a water sign, Pisces connects with crystals that embody water-based vibrations. Fluidity, calm, and harmony are all properties of aquamarines, which are a must-have for anyone under this sign. This crystal promotes serenity, soothing frazzled nerves or stress. It mimics the sea's ability to provide a calm and collected feeling, offering a sense of control and composure to Pisceans, who may feel adrift or engulfed by emotions. The Spruce notes that the name of this crystal derives from the Latin terms "of the sea" and "water."

Aquamarines are useful for meditation practices, letting Pisces connect with their intuitions and heart. Because this stone also aids in channeling compassion, it is perfect for a sign that thrives on supporting and helping those around them. On The Spruce, Anjie Cho points out that aquamarine is a balancer and helps the throat chakra with the important task of communication. Pisces can become lost in their own feelings, but with the help of this crystal, which enables mental clarity, their compassionate side is able to shine through and fulfill its purpose.


Lepidolite lends emotional aid to a very emotionally inclined sign. It is especially useful for soothing the intensity of a Piscean's feelings, which can overwhelm them if they become too strong or encompassing. This crystal is a mood booster, ridding those under the Pisces sign of self-doubt and negative connotations about themselves. On top of bringing about inner peace, lepidolite allows those using it to accept change, inviting it into their vibrational energy rather than deflecting it. Change and clarity are essential to Pisceans because it allows them to grow in their emotional capacity.

With the fluidity this stone brings, those under this house can adapt to their surroundings, taking on problems or opportunities that present themselves. According to Tiny Rituals, the constant influx of good vibes that come from lepidolite provides a positive outlook and harmonizes the mind, body, and soul. As a stabilizer, it pulls Pisceans out of their reveries so they can experience the bigger picture and use their compassion to the fullest extent.


Labradorite is linked to both the crown and third eye chakras. According to My Crystals, it helps users connect to their inner spirit, as well as the divine. This magical stone is a powerhouse for transformation, introspection, and inspiration. The sparkling colors of labradorite make it a very notable stone and attract both the metaphysical eye and the physical one. Pisces are known for their imagination, and Cosmic Cuts connects this stone with channeling it. Labradorite balances the creative and logical minds, letting them work in unity. This benefits Pisceans since their sign is constantly in flux, straddling innovation and reason.

The physical appearance of labradorite makes it extremely unique, with an array of colors that shift from blue to green to purple under a pearlescent sheen. It derives from Russia, Finland, and Canada and conveys the mystical properties found in the regions that bask in the Aurora Borealis. The magical elements of this powerful stone aid Pisces in channeling their notable traits, such as creativity, intuition, and emotional endeavors. It also protects their auras from intense interactions that could drain their spiritual energies.