20 Best Paint Colors To Bring A Gothic Vibe To Your Home

If you adore an aesthetic that borrows from historical style or are simply attracted to fancier details, an elegant ambiance, and edgier accents, then you may love anything and everything gothic. When it comes to gothic architecture, it's all about over-the-top designs that embrace a dramatic flair, according to My Modern Met. That same kind of style can be seen in gothic fashion, which can include both hardcore features and more romantic embellishments, all with a dark twist, per Vogue.

Of course, you can always take that as inspiration and indulge in gothic décor that will transform your home into a strikingly dramatic space. To do so, you'll surely want to opt for bold colors that will enhance and complement the surrounding gothic elements. If what has been described so far sounds like what you're looking for, check out the list below for paint colors that will bring a gothic vibe to your home.

1. Blood red

Is there anything more intense and dramatic than an exuberant shade of blood red? While painting the walls of your home a bright and bold red color can definitely be an intimidating idea, it can also result in a stunning space if it's paired with equally eye-catching gothic décor.

2. Dark purple

You don't have to choose a bright color in order to achieve a gothic aesthetic in your home. You could instead opt for something darker, like a rich, deep purple that is both sophisticated and edgy at the same time, although versatile enough that it could certainly be styled more one way or the other.

3. Midnight blue

If you like to watch the evening sky, then you might know that there's a time around dusk when the light fades into mesmerizing, darker shades before the sky turns completely black. One of those shades includes a midnight blue that would look stunning on the walls of a home that leans into a gothic theme.

4. Pumpkin orange

If your idea of gothic is more about spooky scenes and captivating creepiness than historical accuracy, then you might want to opt for a paint color that captures an autumn-like or Halloween-ish vibe. In that case, a fabulous pumpkin orange might be the best choice for your gorgeously ghoulish home.

5. Deep burgundy

Just like a fine wine, burgundy paint can reach a deep shade that's both attractive and alluring. Paired with gold or silver accents and elegant molding, it can be the ideal choice for a gorgeous gothic space.

6. Dark green

If you were to find yourself in a gothic novel that took place in an enchanted forest on a moonlit night, then the leaves on the trees that would be surrounding you would surely be this lovely color of luscious green. You can capture a similar air of enchantment by using the same shade on your walls.

7. Icy grey

Elegant, chic, and timeless, an icy gray color may be a tempting choice for anyone who isn't keen on redecorating and updating their space every other year. It can be elevated if you're aiming for a luxurious gothic vibe or can be dressed down if you'd rather have a cooler gothic ambiance.

8. Dark turquoise

A vibrant turquoise is the kind of delightful color that can work with a wide range of styles, from classic and ageless to modern and trendy. For a room with a gothic vibe, try a bewitchingly dark shade of turquoise.

9. Moody maroon

Maroon is an ideal color if you want something that's moody but not too dark. It can also be used as a refined shade that can add a touch of elegance and even grandeur to your gothic rooms.

10. Rich brown

Deep shades of natural wood and dark earthly tones work perfectly with a stylish gothic vibe. Take advantage of that inspiration from nature by opting for a rich brown shade of paint in your home. Add a leather sofa in a similar shade as well as polished wood details and gold accents to complete the look.

11. Burnt orange

There are a few different shades of orange that you could choose from while trying to capture a gothic vibe, but we're partial to those on the darker side. A burnt orange hue offers the same bright base as pumpkin orange but is less vivid and more smoldering in nature.

12. Dark red

If you're feeling tempted by the darker options when it comes to colors of paint, then you should definitely consider a ravishing shade of dark red. Perfect for rooms that could be found in an ancient castle, it would also work for a modern gothic space with sleek black décor.

13. Frosty dark blue

There's no doubt that a navy blue color of paint can look incredible on a wall, however, you'll want something slightly more alluring to match the tone of your gorgeous gothic space. Consider this particular shade of dark blue in a matte finish that's cooly sophisticated.

14. Smoky amethyst

Your gothic room will be both a stunning and a calming space if you choose to paint the walls a smoky amethyst shade. Light grey with purple undertones, the result is a relaxing neutral with the slightest hint of lilac in this subtly striking color that looks wonderful with gothic touches.

15. Cool slate

As sleek as the stone it's inspired by, this slate color is a cool tone that is definitely one of the darker options. At the same time, it's a slightly lighter choice than pitch-black which might better suit someone who isn't quite ready to commit to an onyx-colored room.

16. Ashy teal

Teal, which contains hints of both green and blue, can be a vibrant choice that brings light and life to a room. However, if you instead opt for a slightly ashy version of teal, you can create a sense of subdued drama and add color to your gothic space.

17. Steely silver

A steely silver color captures both the impactful and glamourous sides of the gothic style. When it comes to the paint finish, you can leave it matte or use a full gloss option, depending on your preference and the level of flair that you're looking for when it comes to your gothic home.

18. Gold opulence

For anyone who wants to fully embrace the grandeur of a gothic space, gold is surely the ultimate option when it comes to a luxurious-looking room. If the idea of your walls being completely covered in gold is a bit much, then you can pair it with wallpaper or another color that's slightly more subtle.

19. Victorian ivory

Gothic style may be associated with darker colors and deep tones that are more than a little dramatic. However, using a Victorian ivory shade of paint can be a great way to set off your gothic décor while still appearing pristine and classy.

20. Bold black

If you're looking for a paint color that gives off an unmistakable gothic vibe as soon as you lay eyes on it, then you definitely have to consider black. While it may be the boldest choice on this list thanks to the intense shade, it also offers a dramatically stylish effect.