Why You Should Use Kool-Aid To Clean Your Toilet Bowl

Hard water stains are an inevitable yet unfortunate reality for many homeowners. Those unsightly rings build up from mineral deposits and can appear just about anywhere — especially in your toilet bowl since it is constantly filled with water. While there are countless cleaning products on the market that claim to vanquish those stains for good, the reality is that the vast majority of them contain harsh, toxic chemicals or simply don't work like they claim to when it comes to properly removing stains.

Stains in your toilet bowl from hard water can be frustrating, as they are incredibly hard to get rid of, regardless of how hard you might scrub. Using strong, toxic chemicals to clean your toilet bowl might do the trick, but they can be harmful to your health or the health of those in your home — especially pets and children, who tend to explore the world with their mouths and hands. However, while opting for less harsh cleaning products can be healthier and safer for your household, they often don't stand a chance against stubborn hard water stains – causing you to (quite literally) flush your money down the toilet. Fortunately, Conyers Plumbing offers an unexpected solution for cleaning your toilet bowl that is safe, effective, and inexpensive: Kool-Aid.

A tasty drink and powerful cleaner

According to Conyers Plumbing, the acidity in Kool-Aid — particularly in the citrus flavors such as lemon and orange — is what makes the sugary drink a hidden gem when it comes to ridding your toilet bowl of stubborn stains. The citric acid helps break down those pesky mineral deposit rings with minimal elbow grease and absolutely zero damage to your toilet bowl. If you're understandably skeptical, one packet of Kool-Aid costs less than a dollar, so there is no harm in trying!

Apartment Therapy explains that the best way to utilize Kool-Aid when cleaning your toilet bowl is to simply pour the contents of one drink mix into your toilet bowl and mix it around with a toilet brush before letting it sit overnight to work its magic. When you wake up in the morning, simply flush the toilet to reveal significantly reduced water marks and stains that have vanished completely. The best part is that you can repeat the process as many times as you need to until the stains are completely gone. Apartment Therapy also adds that this cleaning option is safe for pet owners. Furry friends who are prone to drinking out of the toilet will be pleasantly surprised with the fruity water instead of harsh chemicals that could be dangerous to their health if consumed.