This Is What Happens When Loose Change Goes Through Your Washer

When doing laundry, most of us just throw our clothes into the washing machine straight from the hamper. However, not emptying your pockets of loose items can be doing your washer more harm than you realize. Things like chapstick, pens, keys, and loose change can easily cause damage to your washing machine. Not to mention that, if washed in the wash cycle, these items can also cause stains or holes to appear on your clothes. Even if you quickly remove loose items from the washer, there could still be more items lodged inside that could be causing unknown damage. 

You may suspect that your washing machine has loose change stuck inside it. Maybe you hear a noisy rattling sound, or your washer isn't working like it used to. Whatever the case, it's important to know what loose change can do to your washer — and what you should do about it.

How loose change can damage your washer

When loose change goes through the washing machine, it can cause some serious damage. Though coins are small, they're made of metal and can harm the drum when tossed around repeatedly. A damaged drum can lead to a leaky washer, per Atlantis Plumbing. Coins can also get stuck in the drain hose or pump, which will negatively impact your washer's performance, per 1st Source Servall. In rare cases, a coin could even break the front panel on a front loader, per Doc's Appliance Service.

Coins are one of the most frustrating things to lose in the washer because they're small and can easily get stuck. Since they are made of metal, they are one of the most damaging items to have rattling around your washing machine. As soon as you suspect you have coins in your washer, you should take action to remove them.

How to remove loose change from the washer

Coins can get stuck in your exterior wash tub, drain hose, or pump. SFGate describes how to remove coins from your washing machine. First, you'll want to unplug the machine, then check if your machine has a coin trap. If you have one, it's most likely located on the bottom of your washer's tub. You can open it and retrieve any coins trapped inside. Next, find the drain pump with the help of your owner's manual and unplug the electrical wire. Then pull the pump out with pliers and turn it over to let any coins fall out. If they're stuck, use a bent wire clothes hanger to dislodge them. You should also shake out the drain hoses.

According to Atlantis Plumbing, another way to dislodge coins is by tilting your washer back and forth. This should cause any stuck coins to fall to the other side of the washing machine.