Best Ways To Clean Under The Rim Of Your Toilet

Cleaning your toilet bowl is extremely important, and that precisely includes under the toilet rim. Your toilet bowl rim is one of the dirtiest parts of your toilet and probably the most neglected because it's not as easily accessible or visible. Though hidden, it becomes noticeable quickly, especially when it's accumulated unpleasant elements and the toilet seat is up. Every time you clean your toilet, you should be making it a priority to scrub down underneath the rim to avoid a build-up of black mold, discoloration, and bacteria, according to Chase the Hill, The Original

Whether you choose store-bought cleaning products or prefer to make a homemade solution is up to you, as long as you get the job done because germs are not sanitary or fun, and you don't want a dirty toilet rim in your home. Toilet hygiene is important, and here, you can find efficient and easy ways to clean under the rim of your toilet spotless.

It's easy, efficient, and effective

If you notice a visible black or red ring, you need to clean under the rim of your toilet as soon as possible, according to Eve's House Cleaning. To give your toilet rim a good deep clean, apply bleach or vinegar to the stain, and then use a toothbrush or cleaning brush to scrub away the germs and build-up. But before scrubbing, allow the solution to sit for 15 to 45 minutes, depending on how dark the rim ring is, according to Eve's House Cleaning.

ToiletSeek recommends making a paste composed of vinegar and baking soda for tougher rings that are challenging to remove. Remember to give the stain a hard scrub. Using toilet bowl cleaners will work wonders as well. The longer you let bacteria and other unpleasant build-up sit under your toilet rim, the more compromising your lavatory will become, according to Chase the Hill, The Original. Over time, these germs can infiltrate your indoor air, and inhaling them could create a health hazard you could have avoided. 

Maintenance is key

Keeping up with your bathroom maintenance routine can benefit you in the long run. For instance, if you regularly clean your toilet and prioritize under the rim, you won't have to worry about unsightly scenes and bacteria. Depending on the intensity of the stains, you will know whether you'll need a toothbrush for light cleaning or a scrubbing tool for harder build-ups, according to ToiletSeek. The more you make it a priority to tend to your toilet bowl rim, the cleaner it'll be, and that's less work for you.

Cleaning your bathroom doesn't have to be an annoyingly long task each time if you scrub the stains as soon as you notice them and don't wait for your toilet to become filthy. To prevent black lines or rings from resurfacing in the future, Eve's House Cleaning recommends using a water softener, replacing old toilets, flushing the toilet before cleaning it, and, most importantly, regularly cleaning your bathroom.