How Much Is The Kohler Self-Cleaning Toilet?

Cleaning your bathroom and toilet often falls to the bottom of the list when it comes to daily chores. But, if you are anything like us, we love it when our bathroom is sparkling clean since it makes us feel so much better. Unfortunately, some pretty unpleasant germs can lurk in a bathroom, and while you may be surprised to know that the toilet isn't the place with the most germs — that title goes to the toothbrush holder – according to a household germ study by NSF, it is still a pretty grimy spot in a home.

In most cases, a toilet needs daily attention to ensure that it's immaculate. Molly Maid even has a 10-step checklist for keeping your bathroom clean. but what if we told you that certain aspects of cleaning your toilet could be a thing of the past? The Kohler self-cleaning toilet is a popular option, so let's take a look at the benefits and, most importantly, the cost associated with such a gem.

Does it really self-clean?

So does this toilet really clean all by itself? The short answer is yes. Does this mean you won't have to scrub your toilet at all? Well, no, you'll still have to clean parts of it. But, according to Build With Ferguson, self-cleaning options can cut down on scrubbing thanks to unique bowl designs and special coatings that help to keep the toilet clean and stain-free. Additionally, with Kholer's self-cleaning toilets, special chemicals are released after flushing, and some even use a UV light to ensure that the lid stays disinfected too. However, you will still have to clean the other parts of the toilet, especially the exterior.

According to Kohler, their self-cleaning toilets use ContinuousClean technology, which uses antimicrobial tablets that are dispensed with each flush and can help keep your loo clean for up to five times longer. So, what is the price for such a luxury? 

How much does it cost?

Unsurprisingly, a self-cleaning toilet is not a cheap option, but when you think about the extra free time from not having to scrub it, it may be worth it! According to Rise, a top-of-the-range, self-cleaning toilet from Kohler goes for a whopping $5,500, although, there are several less expensive options with self-cleaning technology available on Kohler's website, starting at $560.25.

For reference, Rise notes that the American Standard ActiClean only costs around $229, which is considerably cheaper, although Kohler is a well-known brand with high-quality products. As the company points out, these specialized toilets have many added benefits, including a unique design, heated seats, automatic flushing, deodorizing, specialized cleaning materials, and cleaning elements implemented to get the job done. So if more time spent enjoying life appeals to you, and less time cleaning the loo, you may want to consider splurging on the Kohler self-cleaning toilet!