This Unexpected Item Is The Most Popular At West Elm

For modern furniture and home décor, West Elm is a popular choice for shoppers. The company offers over 100 brick-and-mortar locations globally (via West Elm), with interior vignettes for each room in the home displayed within. The brand also maintains a presence in the e-commerce arena. Additionally, West Elm designs 95% of their product line in-house at their Brooklyn, NY studios. Plus, it may come as no surprise that West Elm is a sister store to Pottery Barn and gourmet kitchenware brand Williams Sonoma, also recognized for their high-end merchandise.  

Although West Elm offers a wide variety of products for many spaces in the home, some are a bit more sought after than others. To that end, per The Strategist from New York magazine, interior designers have their favorites for home décor at West Elm, including linen and organic cotton sheet sets. But you might be surprised by what Slumber Search deemed their most popular item.

Interior designers approve of West Elm's rugs

Slumber Search claims that rugs are of the most requested products at West Elm. Having the right carpet helps to complete a room design, unifying the color scheme and giving furniture a place to land. The company carries a large array of styles — there are almost 300 SKUs listed in their online store — including natural and synthetic fibers and outdoor options.

Per The Strategist, the Custom Sisal Rug is a top pick because it has chunky appeal and natural texture that complements many interior styles. The outlet further explains that designers like Leanne Ford and Lauren Ashley Allen choose sisal rugs because they are classic, neutral, and introduce an organic element to the space. The company highlights the easy-care and eco-friendly quality of the material of this particular option; from $40 to $260, it comes in three neutral shades and can be customized in various dimensions.

Alternately, Forbes calls the Sun-Kissed Landscape Rug a statement piece; it's a printed pattern of blue, turmeric yellow, and ivory, constructed of nylon with an easy-care and shed-resistant label. Available in nine sizes, the item is sustainably sourced, Fair Trade, and hand-crafted in India.