One Savvy TikTok User Turned Her Toilet Into A Chia Pet

You probably remember the Chia Pet from commercials when you were young or the catchy theme song that went along with it. These were terra cotta planters in the shapes of famous people, cartoon characters, and animals. Once the chia seeds grew, the bushy plants would resemble the character's hair or fur.

Chia can be grown as an annual or a perennial. It's loved by many for the seed's health benefits, including being high in Omega-3 and fiber, says Morning Chores. The seeds germinate easily, which makes them ideal for beginner gardeners or novelty planters like the Chia Pet. Plus, you don't have to buy the trademarked Chia Pet to get the classic look — if you know how to grow chia, you can turn anything into a Chia Pet.

This was most recently accomplished by a woman on TikTok, who has gone viral for turning her toilet into the most unique Chia Pet.

Best seat in the house

A woman, who goes by the username Alispagnola on the video-sharing platform TikTok, has gone viral for her unique "chia pet" toilet. Or, as she referred to it, her "overgrown throne" and "sprout house" on TikTok. Alispagnola writes in her bio that she "make[s] outrageous." Sometimes that outrageous includes experimental art like her latest "chia pet" toilet. As of Thursday, the video has gained over 655,600 likes, 4,574 comments, and 4.5 million views.

She explains the process of covering her entire toilet in chia seeds and watering them three times a day for seven days. After a week, her once-plain toilet was covered in lush chia sprouts. After running her fingers through it, she decides to "take it for a spin" and see what it feels like when sitting. Alispagnola describes the chia toilet seat as odd, pleasing, and a little moist. She also reports that her bathroom now smells pretty fresh. After standing, Alispagnola shows what happens to the chia after sitting: only small patches missing on the toilet seat. She finishes by asking her audience if they want to see what happens when she stops watering the chia. Check her account for updates.