Sara Peterson's Top Ideas For Enlisting A Contractor

When it comes to renovating any room in your house, especially your kitchen, you want to be prepared and know what to expect, per Angi. That starts with hiring the best contractor for the job, according to HGTV's Sara Peterson. There will probably be millions of questions running through your mind that only a contractor can answer, and that's why hiring the perfect contractor to guide you through this process is important.

Peterson, who has experience with her own kitchen renovation, has advice for anyone preparing to do the same and you don't want to miss out on her helpful tips. First, she recommends inquiring with a friend who has recently been through a reno who's worked with a contractor and ended up with the results they wanted. Plus, setting out to find any contractor who works in your budget is far from enough; it's important that you love their quality of work, too.

Preparation is key

If you don't know anyone personally who's recently been through a reno, check in with your local lumberyard for any helpful recommendations because they'll more than likely know who's good to work with vs. who isn't based on your needs. So don't hesitate to reach out to anyone who could be helpful; after all, this is a personal project to you. 

Sara Peterson says communication is key when hiring your contractor. So next, call up potential contractors and ask a few simple questions. If you're interested in them from there, schedule an in-person meeting to ask deeper questions as far as their background, experience, work ethic, previous clients, and more. Listen to how they respond and make sure they understand your unique needs. Remember, you're going to be spending a good amount of your time communicating with and seeing this person, so you want to make sure you're comfortable, you trust them completely, and it feels like the right fit for you, according to HGTV.

Ask the important questions

Sara Peterson explains that you should always ask to see photos of your potential contractor's work because you want to know what you're working with and if their quality of work is up to your standards, per HGTV. You should also ask questions along the lines of how long their projects took, where flooring or tiles are coming from, and costs, amongst other things. 

Additionally, Peterson says to ask as many questions as you have regarding the billing process, so you have each and every detail known and written down. So everyone is on the same page, you should also have an estimate as well as a payment schedule in place. Make necessary changes as needed and always have them in writing to avoid any confusion, especially monetarily. 

Finally, make as many adjustments as you need to because this is your project. The more hands-on you and your contractor are the better and smoother the renovations will be, which is why communication is key.