The Kitchen Staple You Can Use To Clean Up Fingerprints On Your Walls

Simple cleaning hacks can make all the difference, especially when you need to clean your home quickly. Whether you're expecting last-minute guests, or your home just needs a swift cleaning session, cleaning hacks could be your saving grace — and most of them use items you probably already have on hand. For instance, Good Housekeeping suggests swishing uncooked rice and warm water in a vase to scour grime off, or you can place a dishwasher tablet with hot water in the vase and leave overnight. Another hack you could try is removing cutting board stains by rubbing them with lemon juice and letting them soak overnight. If you need to remove a sticky label, you could try using baby oil.

My Move has suggested another cleaning hack, and it uses something you probably already have in your pantry. It is an easy and quick way to remove greasy fingerprint stains from your walls.

Removing fingerprint stains

To remove fingerprint stains from your walls, try using a piece of bread. This hack is great for those who usually throw away the ends of their loaves or those who have stale bread in their pantry. My Move says that to complete this hack, gently dab stale bread onto the stain, making sure not to press too hard. If you press down or rub the bread, it will crumble and create a larger mess.

Molly Maid suggests making the bread slightly damp before using it to remove fingerprint stains. This will ensure that it doesn't crumble. Bread is great for removing fingerprint stains because it has a spongy texture that easily absorbs dirt and grime. Molly Maid says that you can also use a damp microfiber cloth and a small amount of detergent or all-purpose cleaner to remove fingerprint stains from the wall. But using bread is a great quick hack for those in a pinch.

What else can bread do?

Bread isn't only great for cleaning fingerprints off the wall. In fact, it has a number of other great uses. The Almanac says that a slice of bread can come in handy when cutting onions. If you place bread on your knife near the handle, it should absorb some of the vapors that typically make you cry. You could also use bread to pick up broken shards of glass. If you accidentally drop a dish, it can be hard to find all the tiny, dangerous pieces of glass. Patting the floor with a piece of bread and then discarding it is a great way to ensure no sharp pieces are left behind. Bread can also be used to soften brown sugar and other baking ingredients. Just place a slice in a container with your hardened baking goods and it will replenish the moisture.

You can also use bread to remove other stains from the walls. If your child decides to draw on the wall with crayons or pencils, bread is a great way to remove the stains. Also, if a photo is covered with greasy fingerprints, dabbing it with a piece of bread could help to remove them.