The Biggest Secrets Menards Employees Won't Tell You

Menards is known for being one of the big names in the home improvement retail sector, as well as their slogan of "save big money" — and the catchy jingle that goes along with it. In fact, Forbes lists Menards as the third largest home improvement retail store, directly behind its popular competitors Lowe's and Home Depot.

Carrying everything from power tools to lumber, paint, outdoor furniture, and more, Menards is one of the go-to stops for all things home improvement at an affordable price. And while it isn't difficult to save money at the retail giant with their competitive prices, there are some insider tips and tricks you can follow to help rack up even more savings at the register. On top of the retailer's competitive sales and popular 11% rebate promotion, there are lesser-known ways to score some great deals at Menards that employees don't want you to know about.

Take advantage of price adjustments

The best time to shop at Menards is during one of their 11% rebate promotions, where shoppers can earn 11% back on their entire purchase in store credit, according to their website. And while these sales pop up sporadically, it can be difficult to predict when exactly they will be held — which can, in turn, make it difficult to plan your next shopping trip.

There is nothing like the bummer of stocking up on all the materials for your home improvement project, only to find out you just missed shopping during the rebate promotion that could have saved you big bucks on your next purchase. Luckily, Shopping Kim notes that if you make a purchase within two weeks prior to an 11% rebate promotion, you can still reap the benefits by asking for a price adjustment. All you have to do is ask an employee at the counter for a price adjustment rebate form and send in your original receipts to earn store credit. While the standard rebate forms are available on the Menards website and in-store, the price adjustment rebate forms are not — which is why this hack is lesser known, even among the most dedicated Menards shoppers.

Streamline the mail-in rebate process

Because stores like Menards bank on people forgetting to mail their rebate forms or simply not wanting to go through the hassle of filling them out, streamlining the process can make saving money as easy and hassle-free as possible.

While the rebate forms are readily available at the customer service counter in stores for shoppers to fill out, Shopping Kim suggests downloading the form from the Menards website instead. Not only will this ensure you have access to the universal form if you forget to grab one on your way out of the store; but if you have multiple rebate forms that you are printing online, you just need to enter your information into the first form for it to automatically be added to all of the additional rebate forms that you are printing as well. This can help save you time if you have a lot of forms to fill out.

Shopping Kim also notes that you don't need to address and mail your rebate forms individually; you can simply stick them all in one envelope and send them in together. Just double-check that the addresses for each of them are the same, though they usually are.

Save money on paint by shopping the mis-tint section

If you know that you need paint but aren't dead set on a specific shade, Family Handyman suggests browsing in the mis-tint section of the paint department. This section houses unclaimed cans of custom paint shades from customers who may have changed their minds or got paint shades that didn't come out as expected. Because paint isn't cheap and the product is still perfectly good, it's worth visiting the mis-tint section to find heavily discounted paint for all your home improvement and DIY needs.

Shopping Kim notes that you can find quarts of paint for as low as $1 and full gallons of paint for as low as $5 in the mis-tint section and that the selection is updated daily. And you can find more than regular wall paint there — they often have everything from garage floor paint to deck stain on sale for just $5.