The Best Way To Clean Under Your Couch

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Cleaning underneath your furniture is important to keeping your home tidy and presentable. While it can be a daunting task, picking up dirt, dust, and other debris that accumulate under bigger pieces of furniture will help keep the rest of the house in good condition. Because these areas get less attention than open spaces, it's likely that a good amount of detritus is hiding under your couch, bookshelves, or larger appliances. According to LifeSavvy, homeowners should tidy up underneath their furniture once a week if they have a busy household, or twice a month if they don't own pets, have children, or host frequent visitors.

Regardless of your timeline, the task of getting under your couch may be a daunting one. However, there are a variety of tips and tricks you can use when tackling this chore to make it easier and more efficient. It doesn't have to be your favorite home activity, but the results will leave your space feeling refreshed.

How to clean under a couch

Depending on your flooring, a couch might be harder to move or shift. If you have wood, vinyl, laminate, or tile floors, sliding your couch away from a wall or to the side is easier than with carpets. If you can shift your furniture out of the way and tidy underneath, that will help make the job easier. In order to preserve your floors, add pads to the bottom of your heavier pieces, like the couch, so they don't scratch the surface when you shift them to clean underneath. recommends looking for easy slide casters, which can be situated beneath furniture feet to make moving heavy items easier. Check the labels for specific flooring types, as some are better for wood floors or tile, etc. Also, choose the right size and shape for your heavier pieces, then add them to make cleaning a breeze.

If you have carpet, it might be helpful to consider investing in some risers. According to LifeSavvy, risers can help lift the couch off of the ground to allow access to the dust and debris hiding underneath. These elevated inserts help create extra space beneath beds or couches, so you can vacuum or mop underneath them without having to move them completely.

What you need to clean underneath your couch

Having the right supplies to reach under your couch is important, and makes the job of cleaning easier. Before moving or shifting the furniture, make sure you have everything you need nearby. Once the couch has been propped up on risers or shifted out of its original spot, use a vacuum cleaner to pick up all the dust and dirt. Make sure to focus on the corners and against the wall, grabbing cobwebs or pet hair that might have become lodged there. You can also use a broom to tidy underneath.

If you own a microfiber duster, run this along the baseboards or wall to remove excess buildup. With a cloth, wipe down slider pads or risers to get rid of any debris that might have stuck to them. Furnishing Tips recommends following up with a Swiffer mop; you could also wet a dry mop with a little water to remove stains, spills, and other stuck-on dirt. Make sure the bottom of the couch itself is free of detritus, otherwise it will fall back on the floor when you put the item back in place.