The Best Outdoor Decor Trends For Summer 2022

For many of us, summer is a favorite and fleeting season. Longer days beckon, and idle time feels less like a guilty persuasion — in fact, we contentedly soak up every ounce of its balm. It's only natural we'd want to make the fullest use of our outdoor spaces, regaling them with the attention and décor we usually reserve for our home's interiors. Comfortable patio furniture, carpets, lighting, speakers, fire pits, and gourmet outdoor kitchens are just some of the items that are becoming commonplace. According to Martha Stewart, 70% of people claim that improving their private outdoor area has become a new hobby; and as a nation, we've increased our time spent outside in the last couple of years. 

The staycation seems more relevant this summer, as gasoline and travel costs rise along with the temperatures. This makes a backyard oasis a must-have for mental health, entertaining with family and friends, and adding space to houses that have shrunk under work-from-home routines. Realtor scoured Instagram — the place to go for design inspiration — seeking the hottest summer trends. If you're aiming to maximize your outdoor experience, read ahead with us to discover what the outlet says are the ultimate ways to transform your backyard into a prime destination. 

The Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg may be the it-grill of the season, yet it's the OG of kamado-style grills. According to their official website, the popular item was released almost five decades ago, and the retro aesthetic explains some of its appeals. Realtor notes that the deep green color, similar to outdoor vegetation, is another draw. The ceramic exterior provides excellent heat retention and regulation, meaning you can cook in it year-round without affecting interior temperatures, via Big Green Egg.

It's an authentic charcoal grill — the company recommends 100% natural, hardwood charcoal and cautions against the use of briquettes, which they say are often laden with chemicals and additives. With the additional capacity to slow-cook and smoke foods, the grill's methods fit right in with the renewed vigor for locally grown, home-style, and slow food; there's no more appropriate time than summer to take advantage of the garden's bounty.

A garden table

A garden cart or table is a flexible and humble piece of furniture you didn't know you needed. This potting and planting spot quickly shifts in purpose when it's time to entertain or enjoy a simple lunch. It can be an intimate table for two, a surface for serving food, or a minibar. Wrought iron, wicker, and wood are popular materials — a rustic, weathered finish just adds to the attraction, and Realtor notes that a pretty tablecloth will disguise any undesired roughness.

For a lasting option, Eco Outdoor suggests teak because of its strength and durability in the elements; it's also naturally insect repellant and rot-resistant. One key to a welcoming outdoor space is creating intimate and separate areas that offer unique function, sweetness, or surprise — imagine a garden "room," a winding path, or a bench snuggled under an arbor. A garden cart tucked into a corner of the patio or yard provides one of those moments.

A sun chaise

Leisure and relaxation are undeniable summer goals, and where better to practice them than lounging in an outdoor chaise? Realtor explains that the resort staple helps create a luxury vacation feel right in our own back yards. They're the ultimate spot for daydreaming, sunning, and reading, not to mention afternoon napping. There is an incredible selection of style and materials; most have an adjustable back for comfort, and some are equipped with arms, cushions, wheels, or even double seats.

Choose durable substances; Decor Outdoor recommends hardwoods like teak and ipe, treated aluminum and wrought iron, and resin and all-weather wicker. Sun and moisture-resistant fabrics are recommended for cushions and are widely available. Adding a side table and shade umbrella creates a comfortable place one could stay for hours, but you may want to adorn your space with a few as they're bound to be the preferred spot.

Tree stump tables

Outdoor living has become all about replicating the comfort and luxury of our interiors. Still, we need to ensure a continued experience with our natural surroundings lest we feel too far removed from the loveliness that tempted us there in the first place. Incorporating some rough and organic components into our made environments helps keep us in it — tree root and stump tables offer incredible shapes, textures, and tie-ins. 

Top small side tables with potted plants and lanterns, or use them for setting drinks upon. Use an oversized root ball or wide stump as the perfect coffee table; it will anchor a sofa seating area or a grouping of chairs. If you have access to land, you may be able to furnish yourself with a few very functional tables made easily and affordably; The Art of Doing Stuff shares how. If you're less compelled to DIY, the style and material are widely available for sale.

A front porch rug

We place so much attention on sprucing up our private outdoor areas in the summer that, in comparison, the front entry can seem a little lacking. The typical chair or bench, container garden, and welcome mat are a great start, but for a homey and more polished look, try adding an indoor/outdoor rug. According to MyDomaine, the most common error when choosing a carpet is going too small, which can make the space seem smaller; instead, it should reach underneath at least the front legs of furniture pieces, grounding them. 

No need to be too concerned about spending a bit here; the roof and raised platform offer protection from weather conditions, and there are nearly limitless affordable indoor/outdoor rated options. However, it's tempting to while away the days in the backyard — you'll be more apt to greet a friendly neighbor on your front porch, especially if it's comfortable and inviting.