You Can Stay In A Hawaii Airbnb That's Actually A Rainforest Treehouse

Does your inner child still dream of staying in a treehouse on one of your getaways? Nothing says nostalgia and adventure like an abode high up in the treetops, away from the worries of civilization. From famous movies where the cast escapes to a hidden playhouse or memories of younger days filled with imagination and discovery, these getaways hold a special place in most people's hearts, and the desire to revisit one never really leaves them. Well, get ready for some amazing news! There is a real-life Airbnb Rainforest Treehouse Retreat just waiting for you to come and stay.

Airbnbs are popular travel destinations for anyone who likes to explore the world and offer a more intimate setting than hotels. According to Lifehacker, Airbnbs are perfect for larger groups, long-term stays, and those seeking the comforts of home in a new destination. You can visit a variety of places, and some of the most incredible stays tend to be the more out-of-the-ordinary ones. So if you've been looking to fulfill your childhood dreams of living in a treehouse, look no further than this astonishing retreat.

A truly spectacular view

Located on Hawaii (or the Big Island, as it is popularly referred to), this towering Airbnb is nestled off the grid and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Instead, you can explore the area, where you'll find plentiful rainforest and stunning flora and fauna. There are nearby destinations that everyone will enjoy, including beaches and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. If you're someone who loves being in nature, this incredible space brings the perks of the outdoors right to your fingertips within this home.

The house itself soars 15 feet into the air, and the added height of the bed lets you sleep 20 feet above the ground, the listing on Airbnb says. When you arrive, you'll follow a stunning path through Hapu'u Fern Trees and blooming orchids to find the treehouse, winding deeper and deeper into the wonderful solitude of Hawaii's natural surroundings. When you arrive, you'll be greeted by the jaw-dropping abode and its two stories of inviting space.

Escape into the rainforest

If you're looking to slip into a zen state of mind, aim to spend your days lounging on a daybed that sits on the lower deck, also known as the lanai. Inspired by the owner's trips to Bali, this blissful spot is nestled among nature's gardens. It will help you slip into a calm surrounding that will ease your stress and allow you just to be. Tables and a bistro set await you to make your morning, afternoon, or evening even more enjoyable, allowing you to have a snack, tea, coffee, or play a favorite game.

The upstairs lanai is just as inviting and offers another space for you to relax, take in the views, or indulge in a good book. In the evenings, watch as the twinkling stars make their way into the night sky, and during daytime hours, observe the rainforest teeming with life. The description on Airbnb says that a variety of trees create a dreamy canopy above the house, including Ohia, Koa, Guava, and Eucalyptus. Cozy furniture dots the deck, just waiting for you to come and relax.

Slip into a zen state of mind

The bedrooms and bathrooms are another special design, with fixtures and fittings to make the experience even more engaging. The lower-level bathroom boasts a nozzle that replicates rainwater and is solar-powered to protect the environment. Bamboo walls protect you from the elements, but the mist from the shower water travels out to feed the surrounding plant and animal life. You'll be cleaning your body and soul, knowing that the excess moisture is being recycled to the earth.

Rainwater that collects on the upper lanai is also recycled to be used for the shower and toilet, per Airbnb. The treehouse is incredibly self-sufficient in several ways and contributes to protecting the surrounding environment rather than destroying it. It is eco-friendly and encourages guests to come and unplug from their busy lives in a place that transports them to a time long ago. The rainforest serves as a reminder of a period before electronics and the digital age when life moved at a slower pace and people lived off the land.

Sleep under the stars

One of the most magical parts of the treehouse retreat is the bedroom, with windows built in a cathedral style and 12-foot high ceilings. The specially designed bed is known as a perch platform and rises 4 feet above the ground to add to the sky-high feeling (via Airbnb). The idea behind this custom creation is to give visitors the feeling of hiding up in a tree, watching the world go by from their perch. You'll be treated to amazing views and panoramic window access to all the Hawaii rainforest has to offer.

If stargazing is your desire, relax in the comfortable bed while night falls, then glimpse up at the bright starlight that filters in through the cathedral windows. For those that aren't fully committed to leaving the digital world behind, there are USB ports on either side of the bed, along with steps to help you get up into the perch. Another bonus is the bedroom's built-in storage, so your belongings don't clutter your space or block any views.