Stay In A Converted Gristmill And Covered Bridge At This Vermont Airbnb

If you're looking for a unique Airbnb experience, you may want to visit the quaint town of Clarendon, Vermont. Nestled in this rustic town is a historic grist mill that has been converted into an incredible Airbnb. The place is called Kingsley Grist Mill. According to Airbnb, this over 3,000-square-foot rental has three beds and two baths, making it perfect for either a romantic getaway or a fun weekend with close friends. This property has been featured on HGTV's "You Live In What?" and the Netflix show, "World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals."

One of the main features of this converted historic grist mill is its location along the Mill River, which not only provides breathtaking views but also many opportunities for experiences in nature. Guests regularly give the home's location a five star rating, per Airbnb, which speaks to the abundance of activities available for entertainment and recreation.

The exterior

The Kingsley Grist Mill is the last grist mill, of the dozen originally built, that is still standing on the Mill River, per HMDB. The drive there takes you through a beautiful historic covered bridge with exposed beams and a rustic feel. You'll then follow the edge of the river up to the back of the converted mill, which has been painted mostly white. The home itself also has light green window trim and doors that enhance the look of its exterior. This private property is not available to the public; it's only for those who rent it through Airbnb.

However, the exterior of the home, and even the historic covered bridge, are not the main feature of this converted grist mill. The true standout feature is Mill River itself. The grist mill was built right above the river, which is the warmest natural body of water in the state. Right below the deck of the home is a small secluded waterfall. As soon as you enter this private property, you'll feel like you've stepped into a relaxing nature retreat.

The interior

The interior of the home is also unique. Many of the décor pieces are actually original pieces from the grist mill itself. For example, part of the grist mill is attached to the hardwood floor, and some of the gears are hanging on the walls. Once you've entered the home, looking up provides a view of some of the wooden architecture used to mill the grain. This historic site produced grain from 1882 to 1935, per Only In Your State, and many of the architectural elements used during that time are still intact within the home. Other historic elements from as far back as 1778 have also been added to this location, per Airbnb. For example, one of the doors is from the original post-Revolutionary War house from the same site.

The interior is mostly made of wood and has four levels. Climbing up each staircase (or wooden ladder) will take you to relaxing bedrooms and other places to rest and rejuvenate. Many of the rooms feature a great view of the water below. You could also relax on the deck that directly overlooks the river.

What to do when visiting

This historic site begs travelers to come and relax in the sun or take a dip in the river. According to Airbnb, the home provides tethered float tubes out on the river. You could also read a book on the deck or, if you must, take advantage of the dedicated indoor workspace which comes with WiFi.

This property is perfect for those looking for a serene nature retreat. The private grist mill is located close to many hiking trails. Airbnb says that Turtle Rock is just a short walk upstream, and it has amazing views of the river. The Appalachian/Long Trail is just three minutes from this historic stay. Only 15 minutes away is White Rocks National Recreation Area, a great place for hiking with beautiful views. If you're willing to drive another 10 more minutes, you could also visit Taconic Ramble State Park, yet another beautiful scenic area. Fly fishing for trout, a popular activity in Vermont, is another option.