Can You Use Dryer Sheets To Keep Mice Away?

Dryer sheets are used to soften clothes and reduce static. They're also a great multi-use tool that's affordable and easy to use. According to Fabulessly Frugal, dryer sheets are made out of polyester and covered in positively charged ions. They can be used to freshen shoes, repel bugs, scrub dirty pots, remove toilet rings, clean glass and chrome, freshen trash cans, and remove dust.

Dryer sheets have also been known to repel mice or other rodents. If you've seen signs of rodents in your home, including chewed containers in your pantry, damaged wires, openings in your walls, or trails of droppings, you may be wondering how to keep the mice away. Of course, you could always use traps — but you may be looking for an easier or a more humane way to remove them. If this is the case, you're probably wondering if dryer sheets can actually keep these small yet annoying animals away.

Can dryer sheets keep mice away?

The simple answer is yes; dryer sheets have been known to keep mice away from people's homes. Pest Kill says that those rodents don't like dryer sheets because they have a strong smell. Mice have a horrible vision but a great sense of smell, so rubbing a dryer sheet along their path or placing these sheets in the corners of your pantry or cabinets may repel them. Also, dryer sheets won't kill mice; they will only keep them away from your home.

However, while these sheets may be a good first option for getting rid of rodents, they're not a great long-term solution. This is because mice could get used to the smell and adapt. Dryer sheets also won't be very effective if you have a larger infestation. In fact, This Old House says that sheets alone are ineffective in repelling rodents — if used with other methods, however, they could work.

Other ways to keep mice out of your home

This Old House recommends stuffing steel wool or copper mesh into any openings in your home because mice cannot chew through these materials. Healthline names some other ways to keep mice away. For instance, you could try blocking openings with duct tape. However, make sure to block all holes, even very small ones, because rodents can fit through smaller openings than you might think. This could also help keep bugs out of your space.

If mice are a recurring issue in your home, you could get a cat or sprinkle cat litter in the corners of your house. Mice also dislike the strong smell of peppermint and clove oil. Saturating cotton balls in essential oils and placing them in the corners of your home may keep mice away. You could also set traps that don't have to be deadly. If you're catching and releasing mice, be sure to let them go at least a mile away from your home. Spraying a hot pepper solution in the corners of your home could also work.