Step Inside A Chic $1.5 Million NYC Apartment With Just One Catch

New York City is one of the largest and busiest cities in the United States and possibly in the entire world as a whole. It's full of taxis, subways, energetic people, bright lights, and historic landmarks. It also contains an abundant amount of variety and uniqueness when it comes to the people and the buildings. If you're a tourist coming to visit this ever-growing city, you likely won't see the same thing more than once. However, for those that currently live or plan on living here, you're probably well diverse in what this city contains. A unique chic style apartment with a catch is just one tiny part of the factor.

According to New York Times, an apartment that is known as the "West Village Diamond In The Rough renovation project" has hit the real estate market for $1.5 million. For the most part, this apartment is basic and simple. It contains two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living room, a quaint kitchen, and a unique feature that you would not believe until you saw it. The apartment, which resides on the top floor of the building, includes a rooftop deck, laundry room, and a live-in super. There is also another apartment included within the price that is separated from this one by a small hallway.

A cute and cozy living room

As per Compass, the living room residing within this Manhattan apartment is cute, simple, and gives off a cozy feeling. The walls and ceilings are painted one of the brightest shades of whites, with a ceiling fan hanging from above directly in the center of the room. The flooring is made of a bright brown shade of laminate vinyl that further brightens up the room. Two windows are located at the furthest end of the room from the entryway. Both are narrow, long, and have a dark brown window seal. The left window also has several black bars that stretch from the bottom of the window to the top.

The left side of the room has plenty of space for furniture, such as a nice sofa, a love seat, or a recliner. However, the right side of the room has unremovable features that one should consider upon designing this space. On the far side, closest to the window, are built-in bookshelves. Of course, these can be used for more than books and can include other items such as DVDs, CDs, and just simple home decor to help with whatever aesthetic one should desire. Beside these shelves, located at an angle, is a nice marble fireplace. It has a small narrow mantle on top to add even more decor and items.

The kitchen is quaint and simple

As opposed to a spacious living room, the kitchen is far more compact. via Compass. This kitchen, which resides directly beside the living room, has the same flooring that flows between the two rooms. Of course, the walls and ceiling are identical between the two as well, however, the kitchen does not contain a ceiling fan. Instead, it has an overhead light. When entering the kitchen from the living room, a small and cute sink is on the right. It contains two double cabinets underneath and several mounted shelves up above. It also has its own light within the area, allowing one to see better.

Beside this mini sink is a mystery closet. To the left of these two amenities is a center island and bar. It's painted a shiny white color and has two white bar stools underneath. The only window within this kitchen is located to the left and has an air conditioning unit installed. To the right of this window is where the stove resides. Above the stove are a few mounted shelves that are perfect for dishes and decor. Right beside the stove is a smaller than average size fridge and refrigerator. Much like the rest of this apartment, both of these appliances are white in color.

An apartment with a catch

Now for the catch, you've all been waiting for. Remember how we said there are two bathrooms located within this apartment? Well, one of those bathrooms happens to be missing something: a shower. Where is this shower located, you might ask? It's somewhere you would most likely never guess. According to Compass, a decent size stand-up shower is located in a closet. Yep, you read that right. 

While there isn't too much room within the one shower, it is large enough for one to use quickly and efficiently. The closet/shower door is a white-colored shutter door. A shower rod is located within the shower to add a shower liner to the shower or to have somewhere to store clothes, towels, or robes. In the shower itself, the walls consist of white square tiles. Be careful when entering this shower as there is a large step up to get inside.