10 Ways To Incorporate Resin Art In Your Home

Resin art is unique, modern-looking, and usually colorful. It can also be very fun to make. According to The Fifth Design, resin art is considered an advanced form of art because it doesn't use tools like paint brushes. It is typically made by pouring epoxy resin onto a surface. The surface is then torched to remove air bubbles and allowed to dry for at least 24 hours. It's important to note that creating resin art can get messy, so using plastic coverings and wearing gloves is advised.

Resin can be incorporated into many popular household items. It can be added to materials such as acrylic, metal, or wood. Resin can also be added to functional pieces in a home to transform everyday items into art. Below, you'll find 10 ways to incorporate resin art into your home. Each resin art idea also has a DIY tutorial if you want to try your hand at making a unique resin art piece.

1. Wall art

A great way to incorporate resin art into your home is through wall art. Resin Crafts describes how to make resin wall art by pouring colored resin onto a wooden canvas, then popping air bubbles with a small torch and letting it dry for at least a day. This will create a unique and beautiful art piece for your home. Resin wall art is a great way to add color to a room. It can also be used to spice up a gallery wall.

2. Cutting board

Many people add resin to wooden cutting boards. Cutting board resin art is great because it's both beautiful and functional. It could be used as kitchen décor or to chop up ingredients, or for both. Designs by Donnie describes how to create the look of blue waves and white ocean foam with resin on a wooden cutting board.

3. Wall clock

Another way to incorporate resin art into your home is through a resin wall clock. Happily Ever After Etc describes how to make a rose gold and blush clock. These colors create the look of a stone or precious jewels. A wall clock is a great resin piece to add to your space because, like a resin cutting board, it's stunning and functional.

4. Rectangle coffee table

Resin can also be added to furniture. Adding clear resin to the middle of a wooden coffee table can break up an all-wood piece. Or, you could add colored resin to a coffee table to create a bold statement piece. If you want to try to make your own resin coffee table, Acrylgiessen describes how to do so. But beware -– if you don't have experience with resin, this may not be the easiest DIY to take on.

5. Countertop

If you're looking for a large resin project, you could cover your countertops in resin. Resin is sometimes used to fill in gaps in wooden countertops. Your whole countertop could also be made out of resin. Family Handyman describes how to DIY a resin countertop that looks like marble. Resin is a great substitute for marble because it's less expensive and more durable.

6. Cheese board

Resin cheese boards are great for those who love entertaining guests. Their beautiful appearance is sure to make a statement. They could also be hung in your kitchen as artwork. Fun Stuff Crafts describes how to make a resin cheese board. A resin cheese board is a great DIY project for beginners because mistakes can easily be fixed. After applying the resin and allowing it to dry, mineral oil or a sander will remove any resin drips. 

7. Coasters

Mod Podge Rocks describes how to DIY your own resin coasters. This project is completely customizable to you, down to the shape, color, and size of your coasters. To make them more personal, you could add small objects to your mold and encase them in the resin. These coasters can be displayed in your home and also used to protect your furniture.

8. Preserve flowers

Many people use resin to preserve flowers. If you are having a special event soon, such as a wedding, and you want to preserve a bouquet of flowers, resin may be the best way to do this. You could get your flowers professionally preserved in resin, or you could try to DIY it yourself. For a tutorial on how to complete this project, look to Craft Art. These art pieces could be hung on the wall, placed on a shelf, or protected in a display case.

9. Tray

Resin can also be added to metal, wooden, or acrylic trays. To learn how to transform a tray into beautiful resin art, Crafting In The Rain has a step-by-step tutorial. A resin tray could be placed near your front door to hold things like keys and sunglasses. You could also place this decorative tray on a coffee table to hold TV remotes and coasters.

10. Round side table

Many people are incorporating wooden round side tables with metal legs into their décor. To add an extra layer of interest to a small round wooden table, you could fill in any gaps with resin. Instructables describes how to make one yourself. Just like the resin coffee table, this project is best for those who are already familiar with creating resin art.