A $800K Lakefront Cabin In Maine Comes With Its Own Private Island

For those who long to lounge by the lakefront and listen to the gentle waves lap up against the dock as the serenity of nature surrounds you, we might just have the dream property for you. If you've spent your time visiting various lakeside Airbnb and want to make your move to the shores more permanent, then a lake house in central Maine could be perfect for you. Located on Cobbosseecontee Lake — one of Maine's largest lakes — there is an opportunity not only to buy a prime piece of lakeside property but just so happens to be an entire island that you could make into your private, nature-filled home.

Enjoy the advantages of skipping daily traffic jams and the overbearing noise of the city and focus more on being one with nature and the freedom of being surrounded by natural water and lush tree-lined forests. Maine is mostly known for its many lakes and beautiful sights that are constantly changing with the seasons, according to Visit Maine. With mountains and other ingrained wonders to explore, vast expanses of charm, and the ability to meld into the moment without the distractions of a busy city, it's no wonder people are flocking to the upper east coast, as per Press Herald. Now you can own a private island for just under $800,000, and although it might take a bit of elbow grease to bring it to optimal luxury status, the views are priceless.

A view outside of this private island property

Cobbosseecontee Lake is the backdrop to this unique 22-acre private island. With year-round living available, you can feed yourself with plump fish such as smallmouth and largemouth bass that is common throughout the area, according to the Government of Maine. This private oasis contains two cottages that have seen their share of use over the years. Built in 1910, the campy homes are made of wood and clapboard with shingle roofing overhead, according to Realtor. Although major renovations may be the theme of these homes, there is plenty of potential for homeowners willing to do the work.

The roof of the primary residence could use updating, and the paint of the evergreen-colored wood boards on the outside would really pop with a new coat of paint. The house as a whole has the rustic charm of a well-loved cottage home. Outhouses are available for those you want to rough it, and a delightful dock stretches right into the lake. From there, you can get lost in the tranquil sounds of the rolling water as you recline in a freshly painted Adirondack chair. Also on the property is a two-acre lot with its own camp already set up. It will need some serious updating, or it can be kept with its original charm and marketed as a horror movie sleep-over camp for touristy income potential.

The inside of the lake home has plenty of potential

Among the open 1,500 square feet of living space in the primary residence of this Maine private island is tons of character if you can see past the structural woes and strewn clutter. There is no sugar coating it — the home requires repair. However, having the chance to own your own island surrounded by a thick forest and a vast lapping lake doesn't come around every day, so this might not be an opportunity to pass on. The living room has a gorgeous stone-built fireplace encompassed by treated wood boards stained with a light tinge to illuminate the natural light coming into the room, according to photos of the home listed on Realtor. Floors are functionally designed with vinyl flooring that stretches throughout the space.

A screened-in porch area allows for full views of the lake without having to ward off mosquitos and other creepy crawlies. From there, you can sit back and catch up on Stephen King's entire catalog to familiarize yourself with the many fictional tales of Maine lore. Exposed timber braces and wood beams bring forth the wonderful campy nostalgia in this home. What may seem like simple functionality instead acts as a mood enhancer for the outdoorsy person. Four bedrooms allow you to invite family or friends for a weekend adventure, where they can enjoy boating, fishing, and hiking trails around the massive property.

Hidden gems lie everywhere you look within each dwelling

You'll benefit from keeping a keen eye on the wonders around this phenomenal property. Inside the home, you'll see quirky swinging beds suspended by chains that rock back and forth in front of a large window displaying picturesque views. An antique stovetop still in use looks as though it could be an original appliance from the early 1900s, as seen in pictures from the homes listing on Realtor. Upstairs the sprawling attic has a large layout that would be ideal for an office or art studio.

A walk around the grounds will also reveal many other outbuildings with screen porch areas perfect for nights spent listening to the wondrous sounds of the property. As well, there are sheds dedicated to lawn and fishing equipment. Some doors and railings to these dwellings look as though they were constructed from the fallen timbers of the property, which add to the rustic charm. A porcelain water pitcher acts as a hand-washing sink in the bathroom. One of the separate living quarters is a pale wood building with red accents affectionately named "The Twin Pines," where a massive stone fireplace looks as though it was delicately built long ago, stone by heavy stone. Although this property poses many challenges with regard to reconstruction and redesign, it could also provide a unique private lifestyle that would be perfect for someone who wants to be one with nature around them.