The Best Way To Wash A Weighted Blanket

If you struggle with anxiety or falling asleep at night, you may want to consider investing in a weighted blanket. According to Healthline, weighted blankets can weigh anywhere from 3 to 30 pounds. Because they feel just like a comforting hug, these blankets work to relax the nervous system. A number of studies have proven their ability to reduce anxiety and help individuals fall asleep faster. When deciding which weighted blanket to purchase, choose one that is about 5% to 10% of your total body weight.

However, those who own a weighted blanket need to know how to care for it properly. According to the Sleep Foundation, if used daily, you should clean your weighted blanket once every couple of weeks. If only used occasionally, your weighted blanket should be cleaned once every few months. You may be surprised to discover that you can wash most weighted blankets in the washing machine.

How to clean a weighted blanket

Better Homes & Gardens says that most weighted blankets weighing under 20 pounds and containing microbeads or plastic pellets should be safe to place in the washing machine. However, always check the washing instructions before throwing your blanket in the washer. Make sure to choose a gentle setting on your washing machine, and only use a mild detergent and cold water. Things like bleach and fabric softener could damage your weighted blanket. If your weighted blanket weighs more than 20 pounds, Better Homes & Gardens says it might be best to take it outside of the home. Commercial washers are typically more sturdy and can handle heavier items.

You can also dry your weighted blanket in the dryer on a low or no heat setting. If you'd prefer to let it air dry, lay it on a flat surface. Real Simple says that because most weighted blankets are made of plastic or glass pellets that don't absorb water, they should dry fairly quickly.

Other tips for maintaining a weighted blanket

The best and easiest way to maintain a weighted blanket, however, is by purchasing a duvet cover. Better Homes & Gardens says that this is the best option because you can remove and clean the cover much easier than you can clean a weighted blanket.

The Sleep Foundation also says that you can spot clean a weighted blanket using a small amount of warm water and mild detergent. You should clean stains as soon as they happen. Let the mixture soak on the stain, then massage it into the blanket with your fingers. Alternatively, you could scrub the area with a small brush. To finish cleaning the blanket, rinse in cold water and allow it to air dry. You could also hand wash your blanket in the bathtub or kitchen sink. Just remember to only use mild detergent and cool or warm water. Hot water could cause damage to your weighted blanket.