The Best House Hunting App For Buying And Selling A Home

In this day and age, when you are searching for a new home, you have many options available to you. While it can still be fun to drive around different neighborhoods and look for homes that are for sale, you also have the option to view them from the comfort of your own couch by way of using apps on your phone. 

When you choose a house-hunting app, you are able to not only view houses but can also see the interiors a lot of the time. Not to mention that they also often help by offering up information like parameters of the home, what appliances are included, what is included in the price, and even tax estimates. Some even have the option of taking a virtual tour of the home. There are many apps for house-hunting out there, like these listed as the best by Android Authority. However, Zillow comes out on top for many buyers and sellers with its wide range of features and functions when it comes to buying and even selling your home.

It has a wide variety of features

U.S. News says that Zillow is the app most people go to when it comes to real estate, and this is across both major phone platforms. This could be because Zillow's real estate app offers a plethora of different options for both home buyers and those looking to sell their homes, too. Its key feature allows you to draw a map around the area that you are looking to find a home in and will filter the options for you. You can also search by inputting the zip code. 

If you are looking for a home with your partner or roommate, you can add them as a shopping partner. Together, you both can tag home features that you are looking for and even share your favorites with each other. They also offer push notifications so that when a home meeting your criteria hits the market on Zillow, you will be notified immediately so that you never miss out on a home.

It has millions of homes

According to Investopedia, Zillow is the largest home-searching app, with over 135 million homes up for sale. In certain markets, there are even homes that are owned by Zillow, where prospective buyers can visit the home and unlock it via the Zillow app. In addition to that, Zillow also gives users many options, such as 3D walkthroughs of homes, giving them panoramic views of each room, and even sometimes floorplans of the home. 

Shared information includes facts about the home, such as when it was built, what utilities are included, the home's style, any kind of fees that may be incurred (i.e., HOA fees), and even an estimated amount of money that you may pay each month. From within the app itself, you can even set up a time to view the home with a local real estate agent who will contact you after you send a request. 

Selling a home is easy too

Selling your home on the Zillow platform is just as easy as browsing for homes on their app. You can easily list your home with them, whether you are doing a For Sale By Owner or looking for a local real estate agent, the app helps you through the entire process. They also can point you in the direction of a Zillow Premier Agent partner, who, in some cases, may offer reduced listing fees. 

A helpful tool within the app for when it comes to selling your home is the dashboard. Within it, you will find the "your home" tab, where you are able to store your home's information and are able to see how it changes over time, so you will have an idea of the best time to sell your home. You can find your free "Zestimate" on Zillow to see how much your home may be worth.