Shay Holland Reveals Her Favorite Home Design Trends

If you're a fan of Shay Holland and her work on HGTV's "Unfinished Business," then you know she's one of the best names in interior design. Unlike other HGTV stars who got their start on social media, Holland's rise to fame was more unexpected. In a recent interview with Forbes, she said her love for interior design came from working alongside her father as a kid, learning to stain, sand, and revive antiques. As a military family constantly moving around, they made their own decor by hand instead of breaking the bank on a short-term home. Her passion stayed with her into adulthood, and then she hit it big after sending a video to HGTV casting. 

After filming season one of "Unfinished Business," Holland is staying busy, working with clients privately and making strides on a personal project — a tiny house in LA near the beach, according to Forbes. In the interview, she shared her love for design and her nearest and dearest tips for all who want them. If you're looking to spruce up your home, here is what she says to focus on.

It's simple: do what makes you happy

In her interview with Forbes, Shay Holland said that she generally tells her clients not to focus on trends. She shared similar advice on her Instagram, where she urged fans to "skip trendy" when aiming to create a stylish space. Though she avoids trends, she revealed that she loves to see more people are focused on how their home makes them feel. 

According to Forbes, Holland describes her personal style as unscripted, adding that she goes with her gut and tries to tell a story in her space. She also notes that she finds inspiration in nature, so in her home, she includes natural elements, earthy tones, and light. 

The biggest takeaway: create a space that tells your story and positively influences and uplifts your well-being. It doesn't matter which trends are hot. All that matters is that your space feels and looks good to you.