35 Small Swimming Pools Ideas That Don't Take Up Much Yard Space

If you've ever dreamed of having your very own swimming pool, the good news is that along with offering you both entertainment and exercise, a pool can make your home more valuable, according to Forbes. Of course, there are plenty of different pools to consider, and you could opt for a natural pool or a fiberglass pool, not to mention an inground pool and maybe even an indoor pool.

You'll also want to consider what pool size you'd enjoy while keeping the dimensions of your property in mind. If you have a massive lawn, you can install a pool as big as your heart desires. On the other hand, if your property is on the tinier side or you simply don't want a pool to take up your entire outdoor area, then you might want to choose something more like the following small swimming pool ideas that don't take up much yard space.

1. Mini-wading pool

Not everyone wants to do laps in a pool or splash around. If you'd instead take a cooling dip every once in a while, then a wading pool might be the best option. As an added benefit, wading pools don't need to be massive and can be just big enough for you and perhaps a few friends.

2. Small pool that uses two shapes

This pool may be on the smaller side; however, it offers water lovers more than one area to have fun. That's because it uses the space it's been allotted wisely by sticking with a rectangle for the main area and adding a circle at one corner, which offers a seating site in the water.

3. Tiny pool in a private spot

You may not think your yard is big enough for a pool, but this option might make you reconsider. Tucked away in a tiny pocket of the property, it's also by a shower, which would make it easy to step inside to wash off when you're ready to get out of the water.

4. Slim pool around cement columns

Whoever designed this unique pool didn't let a particular architectural aspect of the residence stand in their way. Instead of using up the lawn for a pool or avoiding the row of large cement columns that branch off the home, the water surrounds them to create a long but slim place to swim.

5. Tiny infinity pool

This pool not only boasts a place to sit down in the water but also a cascade that flows over the outside. Of course, if you happened to be sitting in the pool, you wouldn't see the waterfall. Instead, from your perspective, it would look like the water was flowing out into the distance.

6. Small pool with a slight bend

This small pool makes sure to leave plenty of space on the patio both in front and behind it while offering plenty of room to move around in the water by using a slight bend in its shape. At the same time, the pool's angles create a bit of visual interest.

7. Slender pool with lights

This small pool, which is long and slender, is an ideal option for yards of similar shape or properties that are tiered and on a hill. While the thin form could make the pool feel cramped, lights have been added along the edges, brightening it up even when it gets dark outside.

8. Small standard pool with a stone patio

If you opt for a small standard pool — that is, one that's a simple rectangle and doesn't feature unusual shapes or additions — then you can focus on other aspects of your outdoor space. For instance, since a lot of room will remain in your yard, you can surround your pool with a stone patio.

9. Small pool against a wall

A small pool won't extend too far into your yard, thanks to its size. At the same time, you can make sure it doesn't take up any more space than it needs to by keeping it as close to your home as possible. Frankly, you can construct the pool right up against an exterior wall.

10. Mini modern villa pool

This mini pool boasts a design that's as pristine and as elegant as you would expect from something that's found at a modern villa. The tiny yet tidy square of water which has a curve for the stairs at one side, is lined with a patio that's as clean as the manicured lawn and trimmed hedges.

11. Terrace infinity pool

This pool manages to take up as little space as possible by being perched on the edge of a terrace. This allows the stone-tiled area to act as the pool's patio while the lawn remains intact to the side. At the same time, the infinity aspect helps to make the pool look bigger than it really is.

12. Slim pool with matching patio

This small pool may be thin, but it definitely works with the design of the home as well as the patio and yard. That's thanks to the fact that the house itself is lengthy and narrow, as is the yard, while the slats used for the patio are also long and slim.

13. Above-ground pool with curves

You don't have to dig deep into your yard to have a pool. Instead, you could opt for the above-ground variety. This smaller pool design has been constructed right off the home's patio and has sides that are built up in a curvy shape that would look amazing when seen from any angle.

14. Small pool with an outdoor shower

This small pool has been placed in the corner of a patio, giving it a bit of a quirky shape. The placement also keeps it off any surrounding lawn and leaves plenty of space for a pair of lounge chairs and an outdoor shower.

15. Small pool in an open-concept home

This small square-shaped pool not only features smooth stone sides, which would offer the perfect place to sit, not to mention a seating area inside the water, but it also boasts fantastic waterfront views. It is perched in the grass beside a stunning open-concept home that embraces a modern indoor-outdoor design.

16. Small lagoon pool

Take your pool area up a notch by creating a mini lagoon. With a small pool, wood deck, and lots of lush plants, you'll feel like you have been transported to a tropical paradise every time you go for a swim. You could also add a hammock and hot tub if you want a few other perks.

17. Small pool with a chic water feature

Adding an attractive water feature adds an extra level of interest to your small pool. In this case, a chic fountain that suits the contemporary nature of the home has been popped onto the wood deck and spouts water into the pool, which looks fantastic and would sound just as wonderful.

18. Small pool in a turf-covered yard

You can enjoy a beautiful blue pool and gorgeous green lawn even if you don't have a large, naturally grassy property. This small oval-shaped pool with a striking white rim has been surrounded by the turf that offers the same look as grass but doesn't require any water to keep it looking vibrant.

19. Small circular pool in a private oasis

It may be impossible to resist taking a dip in this small circular pool. Not only is the color of the sparkling water inviting, but there are also stairs to help you get in easily. Beyond that, it sits in the middle of a private oasis where it gets lots of gorgeous sunshine.

20. Small fiberglass pool

You can easily end up with the pool of your dreams by opting for the fiberglass variety. This small fiberglass pool gives you an idea of how lovely they can look, whether it's dropped into your existing wood deck, settled into your grassy lawn, or given a central spot with a patio constructed around it.

21. Small pool behind a fence

This small pool with one curved side has been installed behind a fence which separates it from the lawn and offers added safety. At the same time, the fence uses metal posts that are thin and spaced apart, which means that it doesn't block the view from one side of the property to the other.

22. Small pool with mini waterfall and hot tub

This design takes a big idea but has scaled everything down to a smaller size. Instead of a large pool with a massive waterfall and spacious hot tub, this design has a small pool with a mini waterfall and a hot tub with just enough room for a friend or two.

23. Wading pool on a luxe deck

This small wading pool is just one part of an enticingly luxurious deck. Along with a sunny spot to lounge on sleek chairs and a covered sitting area on either side of the pool, the deck may be away from any grass but boasts a few lush potted plants.

24. Small pond-like pool

You can make your small pool look like part of an existing or ideal landscape by opting for a natural design — or, in this case, a semi-natural design. While the pool is pristine and has stairs to get in, water extends over an area filled with rocks, making it look like a lovely little pond.

25. Small pool with a brick and stone yard

This small circular pool adds a pop of color to a backyard that uses an impressive number of materials for such a compact space. Along with a fence that's made of wood with stone columns, the pool is surrounded by a yard that's brick on one side and rocks on the other.

26. Small-divided pool

If you're considering installing a small pool in your yard, you might be torn between choosing one that's shallow and one that's deep. Fortunately, you might not have to settle for just one if you choose a pool like this version. While still narrow, it's also divided into a shallow end and a deeper area.

27. Small pool with clean lines

The chic design used for this outdoor space is all about clean lines. The small, perfectly rectangular pool — surrounded by a thick line that makes up the pool's edge — sits in an immaculate patch of grass. Beyond that, the patio, windows, roof, and even the hedges all boast sharp angles and bold lines.

28. Small pool with a platform and corner stairs

This small pool can offer a fair share of space for swimming or splashing around by keeping it mostly open. It does so by tucking a shallow sitting platform at one end with a set of stairs descending into the water from a corner on the same side.

29. Small hexagon-shaped pool

This small pool has a dark blue lining that stands out from the wood deck. Of course, what really makes this design a striking option is the fact that the pool has six sides giving it a unique shape. It's certainly attractive and might inspire you to fit a pool into a surprisingly small spot.

30. A curved six-sided pool

This is another small pool that boasts a unique space-saving shape thanks to its six-sided design. However, instead of sticking with straight edges, this hexagon-shaped pool features two sides that curve into the water. This amps the visual interest, as do the dramatic points created where each edge meets.

31. Narrow lap pool

If you don't plan to play games in your pool and would rather have one that's ideal for swimming lengthy laps, then you might want to opt for a long and narrow design. This version has been exquisitely done with a light blue lining, a ladder at one end, and an elegant patio space.

32. Small pool with a built-in planter

While you'll surely adore the sitting platform that this small pool offers, not to mention the gorgeous wood deck on either side that separates it from the grass, plant-lovers may not be able to resist this design. That's because this small pool features a planter that's been conveniently and attractively built into one end.

33. Small pool with curved corners

If clean lines and sharp shapes don't interest you, you might prefer a small pool that uses curves instead. This pool that offers enough space to enjoy the water but doesn't overwhelm the yard has a white edge with rounded corners, and those curves are matched by the black chairs that also have rounded corners.

34. Small L-shaped pool

Be smart about using the available space in your yard by installing a small L-shaped pool. By opting for a design that bends your pool around your deck, walls, or garden, you can end up with something that saves space in your yard while giving you a decent amount of room in the water.

35. Small square plunge pool

You'll be able to cool off quickly when popping into your very own plunge pool. All you need is a small square pool that's deep enough to safely jump into and potentially a ladder on one side to help you climb out of the water before you likely jump right back into it.