Why You Need Tennis Balls In Your Laundry Supplies

When one first thinks of a tennis ball, it is usually about the sport and how the ball is used to play the game. But did you know that tennis balls can have other uses, too, especially in the laundry room? Tennis balls can actually perform a variety of actions in your laundry. We have found some of the best ways that you can use tennis balls in your laundry, what they do, and why they work. 

While laundry day is typically not anyone's favorite day, it can be made a little bit easier just by tossing a few tennis balls into your dryer when you are drying your clothes. In The Wash shares that one big advantage to adding around two to three of them to your laundry is that they can help to collect lint as well as help to keep the lint trap cleaner while your clothes dry. 

It can help to fluff comforters and pillows

There is nothing quite like crawling into bed at night with freshly laundered sheets and comforters. Especially when they are nice and fluffy. Wide Open Eats shares that when you put in a couple of clean tennis balls with your comforter or blankets, they act like a kind of buffer, allowing for more airflow through the drying process. Plus, it also can reduce any clumps or lumps in the comforter during drying. You can even throw in your pillows to give them a good fluffing up. This is a tip that can even be used in the wintertime when down jackets need to be washed and fluffed. 

According to In The Wash, another thing that tennis balls do in the dryer is to help reduce static electricity in your clothing — that means fewer clothes sticking together, and that makes for an easier time folding and putting away the laundry. 

It speeds up drying times

On the days that we wish laundry day would go by faster, that is where tennis balls can come in and help. In The Wash explains that the tennis balls act as a way to separate clothes, which opens up ways for more air to get through and move about the clothing, which helps the laundry to finish drying quicker. 

If you are looking for a way to reduce the wrinkles in clothing coming straight out of the dryer — you guessed it — tennis balls can help keep wrinkles at bay. The reason behind this is that the tennis balls keep the clothes moving around, not giving them a chance to settle and get wrinkled. Wide Open Eats advises that you retrieve the laundry as soon as the cycle is over. The reason behind this is that wrinkles can set in as soon as clothing begins to lose heat.