50 Breakfast Nook Ideas That Will Take Your Kitchen To The Next Level

If you're looking for a casual and comfortable space for your family to spend time together, you could consider adding a breakfast nook to your kitchen. As the name suggests, a breakfast nook is typically used for eating breakfast. But, as Realtor points out, a breakfast nook can also be used for working from home or eating snacks or other meals. It can also be a great space for kids to get help with their homework.

Breakfast nooks are unique design features that will make your space cozier. They are typically placed in the corner of a kitchen or underneath a window. There are a number of different styles of breakfast nooks. Designing Idea says that, for a couple, a small table and only two chairs may be best. If you have a larger family, you could add more chairs. You could also choose to add built-in benches for an extra snug feel. Below, you'll find 50 breakfast nook ideas. 

1. Wicker furniture

This small table and two-chair setup would be perfect for a couple's breakfast nook. If you're going for an earthy, trendy, airy look, choose wicker-style furniture. This will make a space look simple but stylish. 

2. Built-in stools

This breakfast nook has two built-in benches on either side of a beautiful wooden table. This space would be perfect for a larger family. The large windows add lots of natural light and make this small area look more spacious. 

3. Oval table

This is another example of a breakfast nook that has built-in benches. This space is also surrounded by windows for beautiful natural light. It has an oval table which can work great in a longer nook. 

4. Large windows

To add the most natural light possible, design your breakfast nook with large windows. While some breakfast nooks can feel cramped, this area looks spacious. There would be plenty of room in this space for hosting, which is rare for breakfast nooks. 

5. Redwood

For a classic, traditional style, choose redwood furniture. Another great idea to add is a round rug in your breakfast nook area. This rug will complement a small round table. 

6. Metal details

To add an older look to your breakfast nook, choose metal furniture. This set of metal chairs and a glass table looks decorative and fits with the neutral tones in the space. 

7. Beautiful views

If you're trying to decide where to place a breakfast nook, consider where the best views are. This nook has a beautiful nature and mountain scene out the window that makes it look inviting. 

8. Mismatching table and chairs

For a less organized look in your breakfast nook, mismatch the furniture. This space has a redwood antique table with light wood and black chairs. 

9. Farmhouse style

A farmhouse-styled breakfast book can look cozy and inviting. This space is mostly neutral and white with warm wood elements.

10. Glass table

This glass table looks modern and very spacious. If you have a large family or want to entertain guests in your breakfast nook, consider a large rectangular table. This will allow you to fit more people in your breakfast nook space. 

11. Minimalist

This simple design, with a square wooden table and two chairs, would be great for a couple. Choosing a table with a foldable leaf will also allow you to make the space larger if desired. 

12. Near a window

If you don't have an actual nook to create your breakfast nook in, consider placing a small table near a window instead. While this table isn't in a corner, it's still the perfect casual space to eat or hang out with family. 

13. Funky chairs

Using unique furniture will make your breakfast nook stand out. This space has a simple table but adds interest with funky chairs. 

14. Modern colorful

Interest can also be added to your space with multi-colored breakfast nook furniture. These red and white chairs, along with the teal and glass table, bring in lots of color.

15. Classic look

For a classic look, choose a round glass table and some simple chairs. You could also paint the walls in your nook a bold color to add intrigue. 

16. Printed chairs

Another way to make your space interesting is with printed chairs. This green table is surrounded by floral chairs that make the space unique. 

17. Bench and chairs combined

If you can't decide between benches or chairs, consider adding both. This breakfast nook has tall barstools and a round bench surrounding a tall table. 

18. Minimalist furniture

For a minimalist breakfast nook, choose a rectangular table and square benches. This furniture has clean lines and a chic look. 

19. Monochromatic

You could also make a space monochromatic by matching the furniture to the floors and walls. This breakfast nook is almost all white, with a few sprinkles of lush greenery. 

20. Luxurious gray marble

For a luxurious look, try using marble. This space has a gray marble table and walls with gold and black accents and fun lighting. It also has lots of natural light with a tall window. 

21. Cozy feel

For a cozy feel, add a rug, placemats, and chair cushions. This breakfast nook space looks casual and inviting. 

22. Moody modern style

To add some moodiness, stick with mostly dark tones. This space mixes lots of different gray tones through the walls, chairs, table, rug, and artwork. 

23. Floor to ceiling window

A floor-to-ceiling window will add extra light and make a space warm and cozy. If you don't want to always have lots of light, however, you could always add airy curtains or shutters. 

24. A large rug

While a round rug will match a round table, a large rectangular rug can add extra interest to a small round table. It can also make a space feel very cozy. 

25. Accent colored walls

To make your breakfast nook really stand out, try painting the walls a bold, bright color. This yellow breakfast nook is undoubtedly, the main feature of this kitchen space. 

26. Hampton colorful style

This breakfast nook looks so comfortable. It has both benches and chairs with colorful cushions and throw pillows. You could also display pastries or other breakfast foods on a tiered stand. 

27. Rustic table

A wooden table always looks beautiful in any space. For a rustic feel, add a long natural wood table to your breakfast nook. This space also has built-in shelves to display extra décor pieces. 

28. Wooden built-ins

This built-in breakfast nook is almost completely made out of wood. This space has lots of warmth and natural light. 

29. Wallpapered nook

For an old-age feel, try adding wallpaper to your nook. Wallpaper can create an accent wall that makes your breakfast nook stand out. 

30. Mixing bold colors

You could also try mixing two bold colors. In this space, teal chairs are placed in a nook with pastel pink walls. Because the other elements, like the floor and table, are neutral, this space looks cohesive. 

31. Pastel painted chairs

Another way to make your breakfast nook stand out is with painted chairs. If you're bored of your natural wood chairs, try painting them a pastel color. 

32. Hidden nook

A breakfast nook doesn't have to stand out. This nook is hidden in the corner, which serves to make it look extra cozy. If you have limited space, this may be a great option for you. 

33. Modern style

To make your space look modern, mix an elegant color with dark furniture. This space has beautiful green-blue teal cabinets and simple dark brown furniture. 

34. In the corner

If you don't have an actual breakfast nook space, you could add a table and chairs to the corner of your kitchen to create one. This space will look extra nice if it also has a window. 

35. Velvet chairs

Velvet chairs can make any space look more comfortable. This nook has six velvet blue and pink chairs around a wooden table.

36. Plastic chairs

For a modern, trendy look, place plastic chairs around a white and black table. You could also add color with wall paint. 

37. Unique chairs

These super unique chairs give this breakfast nook an elegant and simplistic style. It looks clean and modern. 

38. Coastal style

To add coastal elements to your breakfast nook, mix wooden features with blue and white. This space has blue and wood chairs with a wood and white table. 

39. Vintage space

This space has lots of vintage elements, from the tiles to the colorful features to the appliances. The space also has a large wooden table that acts as a breakfast nook. 

40. White brick wall

A white brick wall can be a great feature in a minimalist, modern, or farmhouse breakfast nook. You could also mix chairs with stools in a small space, if necessary. 

41. Simple look

If you're more concerned about functionality than design, keep your furniture simple. This space has a small round table and simple black chairs that would be perfect for a breakfast nook in just about any space. 

42. Resort style

To create a resort-inspired breakfast nook, mix wicker, wood, and airy elements. Make sure to add greenery as well, like ferns or fresh flowers. 

43. Eclectic style

To create an eclectic look, choose all different styled and colored chairs to place around your table. This space has gray, green, yellow, and pink chairs around a wooden and white table. 

44. Modern black and white

For an elegant and modern look, mix white and black. This breakfast nook has a white table and black chairs. 

45. Large table

If you have a large family or love entertaining, consider adding a large table to your breakfast nook space. This nook has four chairs and a large bench surrounding a long oval wooden table. 

46. Clean style

To make your space look clean and chic, use neutral whites and clean lines. This space is mostly white with some wood elements, and the furniture has a simple design. 

47. Two chairs

If you only have space on one side of the table in a breakfast nook, place two chairs next to each other instead of across from one another. 

48. Mid century modern style

White and wooden mid-century furniture is always a great option. This space sits in an open floor plan but is designated by a round rug. 

49. Two differently colored chairs

To add interest without going fully eclectic, paint two of the same chairs different colors. Keeping the styles the same while playing with different colors will create a space that's unique without making it look chaotic. 

50. Oak modern furniture

Oak furniture with a simple design can make a space look airy and modern. This breakfast nook setup is warm and welcoming.