The Majority Of People Agree That This Is Their Favorite Design Style

Design trends are always changing, as noted by Lonny, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. A few years ago, all-white kitchens were the only way to go. But now homeowners are opting for painted cabinets to bring in a little color. Trying to stay on top of the trends can feel like whiplash, especially now that designers and home influencers alike are touting why their design style is superior. Styles that had previously been dormant like mid-century modern have resurged while people are giving specific names to new trends like eclectic maximalism.

As more people get specific when defining their home design styles, how can we know which is the reigning favorite? We have to ask the people, of course. To that end, House Digest conducted a survey of 596 people and asked them what their favorite design style currently is. So how are people choosing to decorate their homes? The majority agree that their favorite style is ...

Contemporary isn't going anywhere

This probably isn't surprising to many people that contemporary is a much-loved design style for people's homes. With 192 responses, contemporary design earned 32.21% of the vote. Contemporary is modern and current, often employing simplicity throughout the décor and clean lines within the architecture. Contemporary homes tend to have large windows, which bring in tons of natural light and use unique materials like metal and concrete in the building process, according to Pelletier + Schaar. The asymmetrical exteriors and visually interesting features like cantilevered make these homes interesting to look at.

It's these unique designs that have people gravitating to contemporary homes. The interiors brilliantly use the large open space and allow the architecture to speak for itself. The décor and furniture are clean and minimal, which often projects the look of luxury, says FINE Home Lamps. But because contemporary is a large overarching category, there is plenty of room for interpretation and to allow people to infuse their own preferences when it comes to colors, textures, and décor accents into the space. Many folks are also using elements of mid-century modern décor, which is regaining popularity; 99 respondents said it was their favorite, about 16.61% of the vote. The element of customization along with a simplistic and sophisticated interior is why contemporary isn't going anywhere.

Farmhouse was a close second

For those who want a little more ornamentation, farmhouse design was a pretty close second choice, receiving 156 responses, about 26.17% of the vote. Anyone who follows décor trends wouldn't be surprised to know that farmhouse is one of the most popular trends and has been for a few years. Many people love how warm and approachable the style is, which is why it's used in great family homes, says Khalima Lights. Farmhouse is also easy to combine with other interior designs, allowing homeowners to put their own twist on the style. Many design aficionados credit Joanna Gains for popularizing the style and creating trends within it, says She Holds Dearly

However, traditional farmhouse seems to be shifting into a granny chic trend, which features florals, more colors, and a cluttered but cozy decorating style. The granny chic trend borrows elements from eclectic décor, a growing trend that sources décor and furniture from different places and styles to create a collected cohesion. Eclectic design received 13.93% of the vote with 83 responses. 

Others are modernizing farmhouse style by leaning into contemporary décor with clean lines and making it cozy with textures like blankets, woven baskets, pillows, curtains, and natural materials. This seems to borrow from bohemian design, which only received 66 votes — about 11.07% of the total cast — but it's still a popular option for interiors for many.