Inside The $46 Million Home That Could Be The Priciest In San Francisco History

A home can be a lot more than a mere place to rest your head a night and provide you and your family with shelter. They can also serve as massive status symbols for the wealthy elite. That can be impressing people with acreage of land surrounded by stunning waterfalls and expansive infinity pools, or containing more square footage or rooms than any normal person actually needs. Celebrity homes can even sport ridiculous amenities such as private airplane landing strips, full-on separate dog mansions, or oversized wine cellars. However, we're not here to judge. Who doesn't love to live vicariously through those with millions to burn?

When it comes to hot properties on the west coast, San Francisco can boast some pretty pricey real estate. According to Realtor, the cost of the average home in the Bay Area is a whopping $1.3 million, with houses ranging in sales from $900,000 all the way up to $45 million. That's why when a particular home hit the market in 2021 for a staggering $46 million it had people turning their heads with interest. Brought forth by real estate developers Troon Pacific — who were responsible for another San Francisco property that went up for sale for $45 million back in 2018 and sold for $27 million two years later, according to Mansion Global — this incredible home would be ideal for those millionaires who want all the luxuries of a gym and spa right in the comfort of their own residence.

Outside of this impressive and expensive San Francisco home

Located in the Cow Hollow area of San Francisco is this triple-wide property that is on a quarter-acre lot just a short distance from the waterfront. Originally listed at $46 million, the mansion actually ended up selling for $32 million, according to the listing on Zillow. This made it the highest-listed home for sale in San Francisco at the time. However, in 2021 an 11,000-square-foot residence broke the record for the most expensive home when it sold for $43.5 million, as per SFGate.

Outside of this incredible home is a blend of ultra-modern construction that puts a focus on its beautiful surroundings. Hand-textured stone is featured around the house with a designer square block walkway leading you around to the side of the property, past a living space that can be exposed to the natural environment with the help of a retractable glass door. With sustainability in mind, the home is outfitted with massive solar panels on the roof that can offset up to 28% of the home's energy needs, according to Mansion Global. There is also a rainwater collecting system that supplies water for the accompanying landscape as well as for flushing the toilets within the home. An impressive 72-foot lap pool awaits you in the backyard, which is kept private by adjacent tall trees and well-manicured shrubs. On the rooftop are several outdoor entertaining areas including a wooden deck-laid lounge area as well as a green garden plot.

Floor-to-ceiling views await you within this sprawling estate

The inside of this 12,000-square-foot home features three stories of luxurious comforts. The entryway consists of a sprawling 19-foot tall doorway that can be opened with just a press of your phone. Once you make your way to the large living room that's decorated with simple elegance and lined with smooth creamy-colored tiled floors, you are met with an elongated gas-powered log fireplace framed by a smooth black material and crisp white walls. The décor is toned down in order to bring to life the real feature of the room, which are the huge tinted glass windows that can easily pull back to reveal an outdoor patio and panoramic views of San Francisco, as seen from pictures on Zillow. Reaching from the Golden Gate Bridge to the touristy sites of the former Alcatraz prison, you get it all from the outdoor balconies that can be reached from multiple rooms around the home.

Six bedrooms and nine bathrooms are located throughout the three-story house and feature tall walk-in closets and stunning views. Among some of the more impressive amenities within this pricey home — and there are plenty to highlight — is the bipolar-ionization system which can actually help to rid the air in the home of harmful particles including those that cause COVID-19. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, this type of technology could help to filter the air and eliminate nasty molecules from surfaces around the home.

This mansion is full of health and wellness features

There is no doubt that this residence has a central theme of health and well-being, starting with the lap pool and spa in the backyard and multiple outdoor spaces that can help to soak up the California sun. A well-rounded routine of getting enough sunshine can actually help to boost the serotonin levels in your brain and aid in your mental health, according to Healthline. Luckily, this home has taken full advantage of the sunlight by allowing it to stream in through the many windows, plus the massive rooftop skylight that can be reached through the front foyer.

This two-story atrium has an accent wall that reaches 30 feet and is made of Italian sandstone, according to Mansion Global. From the twisting metal-framed staircase that has floor-level reflecting pools, you can reach the retractable skylight that takes you to the rooftop patio. The spacious mansion also has a fully-finished home gym complete with access to an outdoor balcony, as well as a glass-enclosed steam room. The shower features a fancy chromotherapy rain fixture that actually changes colors as you bathe in order to help soothe you with the help of color therapy. According to Healthline, chromotherapy can help with regard to mood and physical health. Blue colors in the shower can bring calming energy, as well as increase alertness and attention, whereas pink can actually produce some detoxifying benefits. Also, shades of green might help those suffering from headaches.