The Most Important Place To Use Lint Rollers In Your Home That You're Likely Missing

Pet owners know the exceptional value of a lint roller, but they are good for more than just removing Fido's stray hairs from your favorite black pants or making sure you leave the house without unwanted accessories from your cat. Lint rollers have many uses around the home that include making your space safe and clean.

An extra lint roller (or several) is a useful tool to keep in the living room. Stash lint rollers in drawers and closets around your living space so that they are always handy. Having these items nearby makes it easy to grab one for a quick cleaning before opening the door for unexpected guests. Use lint rollers for a couch touch-up, removing dust from lampshades, or even picking up stray glass shards after an accident, as told by Reader's Digest. In many instances, using a lint roller with disposable sheets will save you the hassle of dragging out your vacuum cleaner for general cleaning.

Lint Roller for Cleaning up Glass

When you drop a glass item, those shards go everywhere, and some are so small that they are almost impossible to see. Whether you spend your time barefoot or you have little ones crawling on the floor, you cannot risk a painful injury.

To clean up after an accident, wear thick rubber cleaning gloves and pick up the large pieces you can see, then go over the area carefully with your vacuum cleaner, says Woodard. Lastly, use a lint roller with a fresh sheet, first going one direction, then the other. Remember that broken glass can fly far, so be sure to cover a large area around the site of the accident.

You can use this process on carpets, rugs, or hard flooring. For thick carpets or rugs, you will need to carefully move the carpet pile to catch any slivers that have fallen deep within. As an extra precaution, you can go over the entire room once more with a vacuum, including under the furniture, to ensure all the glass is removed.

Lint Rollers for Cleaning

Lint rollers are great for cleaning items quickly that are difficult to vacuum or cannot be placed in the washing machine. When was the last time you cleaned your lampshades? A quick roll over your shades with a fresh lint roller removes dust and pet hair, brightening your space. Remember to change the sheet when it gets dirty. If you have not cleaned your shades in a while (or ever), it may take several sheets to clean them all.

Furniture, pillows, and ottomans can all benefit from cleaning with a lint roller. Do you have tufted furniture? Those nooks and crannies can be so hard to clean with a vacuum, but one touch-up with a lint roller cleans those hard-to-reach spots, according to Scotch Brite.

If you have hardwood floors, then you likely have felt pads on chair and table legs to protect your floors from scratches. Every time you move that furniture, the felt picks up hair and dust. Use a lint roller on your felt pads for a quick and easy way to clean them regularly.