50 Modern Farmhouse Kitchens That Will Seriously Inspire You

Many homeowners have fallen in love with the modern farmhouse style. Modern farmhouse takes the country and rustic style of farmhouse and mixes it with clean, contemporary elements. According to Zieba Builders, there are a few common themes found in just about every modern farmhouse space. The first is the use of white – almost every modern farmhouse space is primarily painted white. However, they may also have hints of black, neutrals, or other colors. Modern farmhouse spaces usually use rustic elements, like wood tones, bricks, or shiplap walls. Additionally, modern farmhouse spaces typically have lots of natural light.

When these elements are combined, a light, airy, and contemporary space with rustic elements is created. The modern farmhouse style can look especially beautiful in the kitchen. Large white sinks, vintage appliances, and open wooden shelves are all great ways to combine the modern and farmhouse styles in a kitchen. Below, you'll find 50 modern farmhouse kitchens to inspire you.

1. Large windows

This is the perfect example of a modern farmhouse kitchen. The large windows provide lots of natural light, the cabinets and countertops are white, and the floor is a warm wood tone. 

2. Black cabinetry

This space mixes the modern and farmhouse styles very nicely. The wooden details on the floor and cabinetry add a rustic look, while the black light sconces and cabinetry add a modern touch. 

3. White brick wall

White brick is very common in modern farmhouse spaces. This kitchen has white brick that extends from the countertops to the ceiling. The combination of white and wood mixes light and warmth. 

4. Dark blue cabinetry

This kitchen mixes modern dark blue cabinetry with rustic metal light sconces and brown open cabinets. The windows also add some beautiful natural light to the space and feature dark contrasting frames. 

5. Wooden flooring

Wooden flooring is a staple of most modern farmhouse spaces. It adds warmth to a space that could otherwise feel cold. This kitchen has lots of cool toned white and gray but feels warm because of the natural wood floors. 

6. Pop of color

This kitchen is primarily white and wood — but it also has a modern pop of color. The island is a vibrant blue color, which makes the white chairs stand out even more. 

7. Mixing marble with dark tones

Marble countertops can look extra elegant when paired with dark cabinets. This space mixes modern dark colors and marble but keeps it farmhouse with wooden floors and cabinets. 

8. Modern style with wooden floors

This kitchen is mostly modern — it has stainless steel appliances, white cabinets, and a gray tile backsplash. However, it also has a warm farmhouse wooden floor. 

9. Light and airy

This kitchen is almost all white — even the flooring is a very light wood tone. This serves to make the space feel airy. It also has interesting details like dark benches and teal accents. 

10. Wooden countertop

This space has an island with a partially wooden countertop. This serves to bring in a warm farmhouse feel while also adding a convenient place for chopping while cooking. 

11. Wooden built-in fridge

This kitchen has modern white and gray accents and a classic farmhouse dining room table. The fridge is also surrounded by built-in wooden cabinetry, adding a more farmhouse feel. 

12. Neutral kitchen with a sprinkle of color

This kitchen is mostly neutral, with white cabinets and black handles. However, the pops of green and yellow in the decor, like the placemats and the lemons and limes, add a nice sprinkle of color to the space. 

13. White and wooden cabinetry

Having white cabinetry against the wall and wooden cabinetry in the island can bring a perfect mix of modern and farmhouse design elements. This space also has a window over the farmhouse sink with a beautiful country view. 

14. White and dark gray

The gray, gold, and white elements in this space are mostly modern-looking. The farmhouse style is incorporated into this kitchen through the wood floors, farmhouse sink, and decor. 

15. Moody vibes

For a more moody feel in your kitchen, ditch the classic white for a dark black. Mixing black with wooden accents will give your space the perfect modern farmhouse appearance. 

16. Open shelving with lighting

Another way to create a moody atmosphere is through the lighting. This kitchen has open shelving, a staple of the modern farmhouse style, but makes it feel moody with warm lighting and a darker color scheme. 

17. Warm wood tones

This kitchen is full of warm wood tones, from the natural ceiling beams to the cabinets to the floor. The gray and white striped pillows also make the space feel cozy. 

18. Metal accents

Modern metal accents in a mostly neutral kitchen will add intrigue. This farmhouse kitchen plays with white and black but also features metal on the sink faucet, light fixture, and chairs. 

19. Wood and metal stools

Wood and metal mixed together can add a rustic, farmhouse feel. This airy kitchen has wood and metal swivel stools that add a nice warmth. 

20. Farmhouse door

A great way to add a modern farmhouse feel to a space is through a farmhouse door. These doors slide across the entryway and usually have diagonal wooden beams. 

21. Wooden accent wall

You could also add a wooden accent wall to a kitchen. This space looks clean and modern but adds warmth through the wooden wall, floor, and benches. 

22. Open floor plan

Most modern homes have an open floor plan, where the kitchen, dining room, and living room are not separated by walls. When mixed with features like exposed beams and rustic wood flooring, an open floor plan can make a space feel modern farmhouse. 

23. Black accents

This space has modern black cabinets, a black planter above the sink, and black light fixtures that all stand out against the bright white farmhouse features in the space. 

24. Warm natural light

You could also choose a warmer white shade for your kitchen. When natural light hits a warm white, it makes a space feel cozy and snug. 

25. Cool tones

Or, you could choose a bright white, to create a cool toned space in your home. This kitchen also has a dark black farmhouse sink that looks elegant against the bright white cabinetry. 

26. Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers always add to a space. This white and wooden kitchen has fresh-cut yellow sunflowers that provide an inviting feel. 

27. White stools

This space feels more modern, but accents like the range hood, chalkboard, and rustic stools add a farmhouse feel.

28. Open shelves

Open wood cabinetry is a great feature to add to a modern farmhouse kitchen. It can look extra unique when hung in front of a window that provides lots of natural light. 

29. White countertops with wooden cabinets

This is a farmhouse kitchen with small modern elements. The light fixtures have a rustic feel, the cabinets and flooring are a warm wood tone that almost feels log cabin-esque, and the island features a white farmhouse sink. However, the stainless steel appliances and clean white countertops give the space a modern feel. 

30. White and wood

This kind of wood-paneled cabinet is common in a farmhouse space. This dining area mixes white and warm-toned wood together, with small accents like a rustic faucet attached to the wall. 

31. Farmhouse walls

You could also create the look of a barn by adding beams and barn lighting to your kitchen walls. For more natural light, you could add a large window. 

32. Wooden shelf with hooks

For a natural look, add a wooden shelf with hooks to your space. This chic, modern kitchen uses rustic shelving for organization and decoration. 

33. Pop of red

White countertops on top of wooden cabinets is always a great idea in a modern farmhouse kitchen. You can also bring in a pop of color through your cookware, like the large red pot on the stove. 

34. Marble backsplash

A marble backsplash will make a kitchen feel modern. Adding elements like a brass faucet and cabinetry hooks will combine the modern look with a farmhouse feel. 

35. Farmhouse light fixtures

Metal sconces will make a modern space look more rustic. These light fixtures look like they are meant for a barn, but when mixed with modern elements, they look chic and tasteful. 

36. White tile backsplash

A completely white tiled backsplash can add interesting small details to your space. This backsplash adds a fun pattern to a minimalistic space, complete with open cabinetry and wooden floors. 

37. Black metal chairs

These black metal chairs look rustic. Along with the white color scheme, wood floors, and brick backsplash, this space is truly a modern farmhouse gem. 

38. Comfortable stools

These comfortable stools make this kitchen look more inviting. Made of wood and gray cushions, they fit perfectly into this kitchen. 

39. Mixing patterns

Mixing patterns in your space is a great way to add intrigue. This kitchen has gray checkered chairs and a fun runner that make the neutral space more interesting. 

40. Modern accents

These minimalist stools scream modern design. Combining them with rustic cabinetry and accents can really make a statement in a kitchen. 

41. Gray island

To make your stools pop, paint your island a bold color. This space has a modern dark gray island that makes the farmhouse stools stand out. 

42. Wooden open shelves

Wooden open shelves are always a great idea in a modern farmhouse space. They can be a great way to add unique pops of color to your neutral space through decorative mugs or other kitchen accessories. 

43. Large island

A large island can be a great place to entertain guests. This island is uniquely rounded to invite conversation. This space also features beautiful wooden accents that give it a warm feel. 

44. Long wooden countertop

Or, if you have limited space, you could add a long wooden countertop to a white kitchen. This will combine kitchen and dining areas to make room for entertaining guests.  

45. Decorating with pastels

Add pops of pastels to a farmhouse kitchen through decor pieces like plates, canisters, tea kettles, and other various kitchen items. This kitchen is gray and white with wood paneling but has small pastel green and pink elements. 

46. Wooden cabinetry and countertops

To add some extra warmth, you could choose to have wood countertops and cabinets. This space is primarily modern, but the added element of wood makes it reminiscent of a farm kitchen. 

47. White and gold

White and gold is a great color combination for a modern farmhouse kitchen. This space is mostly white but has rustic metal elements in the cabinet handles, light fixtures, and sink faucet. 

48. Rustic wooden wall

Adding a wooden panel wall can make a kitchen feel extra homey. If you want to lean more into a farm-like style than a modern one, a wooden accent wall may be a great addition to your kitchen. 

49. Yellow accent color

Choosing a bold accent color in your kitchen can add some fun. This kitchen has pops of yellow in the blinds, table centerpiece, and flowers. 

50. Bold black elements

This kitchen is a modern white with bold black features in the appliances, the hanging rod, and the cabinet handles. The vintage fridge and vent hood add farmhouse vibes.