The Top 3 Ideas For Making Your Dorm Room Super Homey

Many people say that college is the best time of your life. For many, it's the first time experiencing the independence of living alone — you're opening yourself to a whole new world of opportunity and you can meet new friends with classes and clubs. But many students also experience homesickness, especially in the first semesters. One way to combat this is by bringing the comforts of home into your dorm room. However, that's more easily said than done in most cases. 

According to Student Room Stay, the average dorm room is 12 by 19 feet or approximately 228 square feet of living space. And that can be difficult when sharing a room with one or two other students. So how do you make your dorm room feel like your home away from home? There are some simple decor ideas that will transform a plain dorm room into a comfortable oasis.

Create a comfy bed

The first thing you should transform in your dorm room is your bed. It'll feel so good when you finally come home to sleep after a long day of studying in the library or hanging out with friends. A comfortable bed is also great when you have people over and need to provide them with a place to sit. 

College mattresses aren't always the most comfortable, so using a mattress pad will instantly transform a bed and make it softer. As for sheets, choosing a natural material like cotton, silk, or hemp will help you regulate body temperature while remaining soft and cozy, says Simple Home Simple Life. A good duvet should keep you warm but also be breathable. Look for one that's full and puffy for a luxury look. Add finishing details like a light, woven blanket, pillows to sleep on, and decorative pillows to make your bedding more stylish.

Surround yourself with photos

You'll definitely miss your friends and family while away at college, so you'll want to remember the good times with some of your favorite people by displaying photos. You can get pictures printed pretty cheaply and display them in a way that looks stylish and luxurious. 

Instead of simply taping photos on the wall, install a picture ledge and display prints and photos on this simple shelf, says Tribeca Printworks. Or create a gallery wall of some of your favorite photos. You can also use clothespins and string to hang up photos casually. Frameless pieces and colored matting are two cool ways to show off some art in your dorm. Or frame things like maps, flowers, and book covers to add a twist. One fun idea for roommates to share is to take photos of friends and visitors with a Polaroid camera and display them on the wall as a modern guestbook for your dorm room.

Add warmth and texture with a rug

The cold linoleum tile floors in dorm rooms aren't the best way to create a comfortable living space. Imagine how unpleasant getting out of bed and placing your feet on a cold floor will be, especially in the winter. An area rug adds warmth and texture to the dorm room, making it a much cozier space. Wool is one of the most comfortable materials for an area rug, says One Kings Lane. It's also durable, soft, and good at repelling water and stains, so wool is a great option to create a comfortable bedroom. 

Cotton rugs are another popular option and are more affordable than wool rugs, but they're not as durable. You'll also want to think about the pile height. According to Catalina Rug, high piles are more comfortable and luxurious but tend to get dirty easier. A low pile isn't as comfortable but is much easier to vacuum because they accumulate less dirt and debris.