The Easiest Way To Make Your House More Welcoming To Guests

Knowing that your home is a welcoming space for visitors and guests feels incredible and makes it special for them too. Everyone loves spending time in a house that is full of cozy additions and inviting areas for them to hang out. One of the perks of making your abode open to others is that it creates a happy environment all of the time, which benefits you too! There are a variety of ways to turn your house into the ultimate spot for people to want to spend time, but this particular tip works like magic. Use it with caution because once you transform your space to welcome guests wholeheartedly, you might be stuck entertaining company more often than you planned.

Creating a seating arrangement that calls to people, be it in your kitchen, dining room, or living space, is the surest way to invite people to make themselves at home. According to Home Stratosphere, your house doesn't have to be a certain size to give off a cozy vibe, nor does it need to fit particular requirements to be irresistible. Organizing your seating furniture throughout your space to be inviting and easy to access creates a welcoming vibe that calls to people.

Make furniture easy to access

As you set up your space, think of your front door as the beginning of a flowing stream. Guests will come in and move automatically to areas that allow them to settle in, so leave the front entrance open and clear for them to access. Have seating areas arranged so that couches, chairs, cushions, and even tables are easy to shift around. Invaluable recommends creating space between each piece to allow visitors to pass between if they need to access another part of the room or get to another. This simple adjustment lets people feel welcome in your home, and like they can flow through it without interruption.

It is a subconscious feeling, but if something is obstructing a person's way, they might feel like they can't cross that threshold. If you have a small space, try to distance bigger pieces from one another to create an easy pathway between seats and other items. For dining areas, leave enough room between walls and the table that guests can easily sit down, rather than having to shimmy through. By changing small points throughout, you open up the space to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Offer multiple seating options

Regardless of the size of your home, having a few different seating options creates a more inviting space for guests. Placing chairs or stools in your kitchen helps people feel like they can chat and engage whenever people are in that room, while a big sofa, cozy cushions, or various chairs in a living area does the same. Invaluable suggests placing seating furniture no more than 8 feet away from one another to make it easy to talk and engage. You don't have to have a large house to make visitors feel welcome; it just needs to offer them a place to relax. Clean clutter off of sitting surfaces, and don't fill the floor with too many cushions that people could trip or have to navigate through a maze. There is a good point between cozy and busy that you can find, which makes a room alluring without putting guests off.

Adding throw pillows brings a sense of comfort to sofas and chairs, too, but don't overdo it with those either. Add just enough decor that people see your style and individuality without feeling like they come second behind the aesthetic.