Why You Should Stop Using Carpet Spotters Immediately

Whether it comes from the adults, the kids, or the pets, accidentally spilling something on the carpet is a natural part of life. One of you drops a few crumbs, a glass of wine tips over, or someone brings in outside dirt from their shoes. A stain forms and as usual, you break out your handy dandy carpet cleaner to get the job done. Carpet spotters are thought to be perfect for removing stains, but according to Carter's Carpet Restoration, they're not actually doing everything we think they're doing.

Whether you've used carpet spotters personally or have only heard of them, you should avoid using them at all costs. It may sound bizarre or out of the ordinary, but carpet spotters aren't as helpful as people have been made to think and they don't actually get the job done that well. In fact, per Home Advisor, it's quite the opposite.

Carpet spotters don't really work

What's the point of using something that doesn't really work? Although carpet spotters are designed for a quick clean, the majority of the time they leave behind soap, which ends up defeating the purpose. When you spray the solution on your carpet and scrub it using a cloth, you're not getting as much out of the stain as you probably think. You're getting some of the gunk out, but the spotter solution stays in the carpet.

Because soap attracts things to it, more dirt and residue will be invited in, which will cause it to build up. Eventually this build-up will turn into a brown stain, according to Carter's Carpet. Over time that brown stain will continue to get worse and you'll end up with a bigger problem than you started with. For this reason, you may want to reconsider using them at all. 

A home remedy is the way to go

Home Advisor recommends having your carpet cleaned by a professional versus doing it yourself. Hiring a professional may cost you more money, but it's worth it to have it done properly and effectively because you'll gain peace of mind knowing that the job was done right. If that simply isn't the route you want to take or you're a self-made DIY maniac, don't waste your money on an ineffective carpet cleaner when a home remedy is perfect for getting the job done.

According to Carter's Carpet, an equal balance of white vinegar and water is the best cleaning mixture to do the trick. Vinegar is nontoxic and safe to use. More importantly, it won't leave behind any residue. Just spray and wipe with a towel. Do yourself a favor and use this solution and this solution only moving forward for the best results.