Wallpaper Designs That Will Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

A small space doesn't mean you have to sacrifice a big design. It simply means you have to approach your space with a strategy. With a small room, one option is to trick the eye and make it appear bigger with strategic design choices. You can still try all of the trending design ideas when you have a small space. And one that lends well to adding a big impression to cozy spaces is wallpaper.

Wallpaper has been making a big comeback in recent years. But this isn't the kind of wallpaper that was featured in your grandparents' homes. These feature updated designs and unique color schemes that add some visual interest to your space. The right wallpaper can create an illusion of having more space using perspectives and shapes to open the space, says Designer's Mark. Whether you choose a statement wall or wallpaper the entire space is up to you. But if you want to use wallpaper to enlarge your space, here are some designs to choose from.

Large patterns

It may seem counterintuitive to choose a large pattern for a small space. You might be afraid to overwhelm the small bit of wall space. It might be natural to gravitate to smaller designs for a small space, but large patterns can actually make your room appear wider. By spreading out the design and using a lot of negative space, the walls will look larger, giving the room a more expansive feel. Choose wallpaper with patterns or designs that are spread out or feature large-scale elements like florals or geometric shapes.

Still, many people see large patterns as a big risk because of how bold the design is. Rest assured that large patterns can give your space character. According to Murals Your Way, large botanical and floral patterns are some of the most popular because of their versatility. Make sure the pattern repeats across the wallpaper to make the room appear bigger.


Using lines in interior design is nothing new. Lines help direct the eye, naturally drawing them to areas you want to highlight. According to HK Interiors, horizontal stripes make a wall look longer while vertical stripes make a wall look taller. Your eyes will naturally follow the lines and highlight the length of the wall, making the room appear larger.

Look for wallpaper that has clean lines like awning stripes or navy stripes for a modern, sleek look. You can also try stripes with more intricate designs, such as balanced stripes and regency stripes. But you can also find more contemporary styles such as wavy or hand-drawn stripes that work well with organic and bohemian trends that are currently popular. However, you do want to be careful with the color of the stripes. Choosing lighter colors always opens up a room. But contrasting colors will make the stripes bolder. Be cautious about choosing two dark colors, as this can make the room feel too dark rather than open and larger.

Monochrome texture

Adding texture to the wall adds some dimension and visual interest. Instead of having a flat wall that can fade into the background, bring your walls to the forefront of the room's design with texture. The added dimension makes the eyes dance and helps the room appear large than it is. Textured wallpaper can replicate hand finishes, DeAnna Hain tells Maison Global. They can also have more intricate designs like floral motifs.

Many textured wallpapers come in lighter colors, which help the room appear larger. Some textured wallpapers are also paintable, so you can customize them to fit your home's color scheme. Grasscloth wallpaper is one of the popular designs that adds subtle sophistication to a space. But you also shouldn't be afraid to make a statement even when using textured wallpapers. Embroidered wallpapers can create a bold three-dimensional design and be a choice that really stands out in your design.

Scenic murals

Replicate the feeling of being outside with a large mural scene on your wallpaper. This can add depth and the illusion that the space extends far into the distance, says Square Inch Home. You can feel transported into the outdoors by opting for a landscape scene on your wallpaper. Opt for landscapes that picture wide open spaces like mountain ranges or beaches in photorealistic wallpapers. Because of the bold and often niche design, most people choose to put these designs in offices and bedrooms, where they feel like they can get a little more creative.

If you love the idea of displaying a scene on your wallpaper, but a realistic image isn't for you, you can look for scenic wallpaper. This style depicts nature in more artistic ways reminiscent of watercolor or drawings rather than photography. Often light and airy, these wallpapers can also help make a space feel larger than it is.

Busy patterns

It's often been said that smaller rooms need to be more modest in order to appear larger. But that's not true. If learning how to choose patterns well, you can choose busier patterns in smaller spaces without it feeling like it's become cramped with too many patterns or colors. Busy patterned wallpapers can add a statement to a small space and make it appear more open. This is especially true when you employ other elements like vertical lines that make a space look larger.

One of the keys to making a busy wallpaper fit into a smaller space is by choosing a high shine or reflective finish, as perĀ The Rug Seller. This can act like a mirror in some ways, bouncing light around the room and giving the appearance that the space is more open. You should also decorate the wallpaper with picture frames or sculptural pieces of art to prevent the pattern from overwhelming a small space. Contrast the shapes in the wallpaper with shapes in your decor to add balance.