The Best Way To Make Your Windows Appear Larger

When it comes to windows, the saying bigger is better definitely applies. Bigger windows mean more natural light can filter into your home, leading to a brighter and warmer living space. Tall windows can make your ceilings look higher, which can make your space feel more open. Robineve Interiors also point out that larger windows can make your home appear more luxurious. And, they can invite nature to your space, especially if you have a beautiful view.

However, not every home is blessed with large windows. While many homeowners find that their windows aren't the size they desire, installing larger windows can cost some big bucks. According to Home Advisor, the cheapest you can install new windows is around $3,000. Luckily, there's a way to make your windows appear larger without replacing them at all. This hack won't cost you very much and is super easy to achieve in any space.

The best way to make a window appear larger

The best way to enlarge the appearance of your windows is by hanging your curtains high and wide. Traditionally, curtains are hung right above the top of the window frame – Plank and Pillow recommend hanging them around 4 inches above the window. However, by lifting the curtain rod up closer to the ceiling, your windows will appear elongated. You could hang the curtain all the way up to the ceiling, or you could lift it just a few inches higher than normal. The DIY Playbook recommends choosing a black rod that will stand out and look chic. If you also want to add shades to your windows, you could hang them higher than the top of the window, to create the same elongated effect. 

With the help of a longer curtain rod, your windows will appear wider, too. Robineve Interiors says that choosing a longer curtain rod will trick the viewer into thinking there's more window behind your curtains, when in fact it's just the wall.

Tips on choosing curtains

When using this window-enlarging hack, it's also important to choose the right type of curtains. One thing to consider is the length of the window coverings. According to Centurian Window Fashions, curtains that hover just above the floor are called floating curtains, those that touch the floor are called touching or floor curtains, and those with extra fabric collected on the floor are called pooling curtains. All these options will make your window look larger.

It's also important to consider different color and design options. Robineve Interiors recommends choosing light colors that will allow for more natural light. If you prefer a pattern, you could choose vertical stripes, which will carry the eye up towards the ceiling. You could also choose a repeating pattern, because the folds in the curtain will naturally create vertical lines. Conversely, curtains made of heavy fabrics or covered in loud prints should be avoided.