5 Coat Storage Tips When You Don't Have A Closet

If your home doesn't have a coat closet, you're probably sick of seeing piles of coats on the backs of your chairs or on your benches. Maybe you're looking for a coat storage idea but aren't sure where to begin. Inspired Closets says that an organized entryway is vital to a well-maintained home and life. Your entryway is your last stop before leaving your home and the first thing you see upon returning. If it's a cluttered mess, you're bound to feel overwhelmed on a daily basis.

While a coat closet would fix all your problems, unfortunately, some homes don't have this luxury. However, that doesn't mean you have to live in a messy home. There are a number of furniture pieces you could add to your entryway space or mudroom to hang your coats and other outerwear. These pieces will help keep your space organized and clutter-free. Here are five options you could try.

1. Add wall hooks

Hooks are a great solution because they won't take up any floor space. They can be hung at various heights, so if you want your kids to hang up their coats, hooks could be hung lower for them to reach. Hooks will also provide a great place for your guests to store their outerwear while at your home.

As Iron Mongery Experts points out, wall hooks in the entryway don't only have to hold coats. They can also hang other items that would typically be stored in a coat closet, like umbrellas, keys, bags, and hats. Hooks will keep all your items well organized and easily accessible. And, since hooks come in various shapes, colors, and sizes, you can choose the design that works best for your space. Simply Fun Games recommends installing sturdy hooks made of solid materials, so they can hold even the heaviest winter coats.

2. Add a peg rail

Similar to wall hooks, peg rails won't take up any floor space. A peg rail consists of a flat board mounted to the wall with pegs protruding from it, to hold things like coats, hats, and umbrellas. This wooden piece is a great replacement for a coat closet because it's sturdy enough to hold many coats. It could also include a shelf for holding things like keys and mail. Julie Blanner loves using peg rails all over the home, like in the bathroom, kitchen, and entryway, because they are both functional and beautiful. They have a super simple design that won't draw attention but will add the perfect place to store coats.

Grace In My Space says that a peg rail can easily be DIYed as well. This is ideal for those who want a specific size and design. You'll just need three materials (as well as tools) to complete this project: shaker peg rails, a wooden board, and wood filler.

3. Add a mudroom storage unit

A wall option that will provide the most storage space is a mudroom storage unit. These furniture pieces typically include hooks along the wall, a bench, and storage drawers or cubbies either above or below the bench. Some designs also feature shelves for shoe storage. The Closet Works recommends including a storage cabinet in your entryway space because it will help reduce clutter. Being able to store outerwear in cabinets or bins instead of only on hooks will make your space appear more organized.

Closet & Storage Concepts says that these large pieces typically look like they are custom made for your space. Another benefit is that these units are not only great for storing outerwear. They can also be perfect for corralling things like school bags and lunchboxes, purses, and work accessories. Unique items you could store include pet accessories like dog leashes, sports equipment, or gardening tools.

4. Add a coat tree

If you're limited on available wall space, you could place a coat tree near your door. A coat tree is a freestanding rack with multiple hooks on each of the sides. This storage solution could greatly benefit those who have lots of coats to hang or who entertain often because every side of the tree can be utilized for storage. A coat tree could be placed right next to the front door or in the corner of a hallway.

Ezine Articles says that a coat tree isn't just a functional piece to hang coats on. This freestanding storage solution can also improve the aesthetics of your entryway or hallway. When deciding on the right coat tree for you, think about the current style of your home and what would fit best with your other décor pieces. Popular options are typically made from wood or metal materials.

5. Add a clothes rack

Those who have floor space to spare could add a clothes rack to their entryway or mudroom. Clothes racks have a simple design and are typically made of metal. They can also have wheels, which makes them easy to transport. And, they are very affordable. You could also decide to make your own, per HGTV. Consider a rack with a wooden board beneath it, which could hold a basket or bin. To add a clothes rack to your entryway, place it in the corner or against a wall.

Blue Home DIY says that a clothes rack will make your pieces more accessible. When storing your coats this way, you'll be able to easily see every option. They typically have to be assembled after purchase, but assembly should be fairly simple. When using a clothes rack in the entryway, your coats will be hung on clothes hangers. This can be beneficial because it will ensure that your coats are well maintained and secure. While a heavy coat could easily fall off of a hook, it probably won't fall off a hanger. Also, choosing aesthetic hangers like wooden options will add more personality to your entryway.